What is FibreShare, you ask?

FibreShare is an international yarn and fiber swap open to all crafts with a focus on fostering connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community. The most recent share included 2,026 participants from 38 countries!


Β How To Participate:

For more information on our rules and requirements for our active participants please see the Policy & FAQ sections of our site.

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FibreShare Package Example by Beth Meyer

Schedule for Current Round of FibreShare:

Sign Ups Open: August 1 – August 13

We Match Partners: August 14- August 19

Time to Make Your Packages: August 20 – September 30

Last Day to Post Packages: September 30

First Day to Report Missing Packages: TBA

Last Day to Report Missing Packages: TBA

fibreshare tote bag


“I don’t know anyone who knits in real life. For me it’s been a great way to connect with other fibre crafters. My favourite part is creating a package of goodies tailored to my partner – it’s really a lot of fun!”Β –Wei-Lin

“I FibreShare because meeting new people is hard IRL #introvert”Β –Kristen S.

“FibreShare has done a great deal for me already as a fiber artist, and the fiber swaps are a perfect opportunity to literally give back to a community so rich in talent, knowledge, and love.” –Jessica F.

“FibreShare is like adult pen-paling, but better because you get to give and receive gifts!” –The Strand

“It is so much fun to be part of this! I have always loved picking out things for people and I absolutely love making people happy with (unexpected) gifts. As soon as it was over I knew I had a new addiction”. -Petra S.