What is FibreShare, you ask?

FibreShare is an international yarn and fiber swap open to all crafts with a focus on fostering connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community. The most recent share included 1,691 participants from 35 countries!

FibreShare Package Example by Beth Meyer

Schedule for Current Round of FibreShare:

Sign Ups Open: August 1 – August 13

We Match Partners: August 14- August 19

Time to Make Your Packages: August 20 – September 30

Last Day to Post Packages: September 30

First Day to Report Missing Packages: October 16

Last Day to Report Missing Packages: October 31

fibreshare tote

How To Participate:

For more information on our rules and requirements for our active participants please see the Policy & FAQ sections of our site.

Please sign up for our newsletter for updates, and follow along on Instagram to see beautifully curated packages zipping around the globe.  You can also join our community of makers by checking out “The FibreShare Tribe” on Instagram + Facebook!

fibreshare tote bag


“I don’t know anyone who knits in real life. For me it’s been a great way to connect with other fibre crafters. My favourite part is creating a package of goodies tailored to my partner – it’s really a lot of fun!” –Wei-Lin

“I FibreShare because meeting new people is hard IRL #introvert” –Kristen S.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of a community that was driven by the same object, and without fear of competition, strove to help one another with encouragement and kindness in their respective journeys. … FibreShare has done a great deal for me already as a fiber artist, and the fiber swaps are a perfect opportunity to literally give back to a community so rich in talent, knowledge, and love.” –Jessica F.

“FibreShare is like adult pen-paling, but better because you get to give and receive gifts!” –The Strand

“It is so much fun to be part of this! I have always loved picking out things for people and I absolutely love making people happy with (unexpected) gifts. As soon as it was over I knew I had a new addiction”. -Petra S.

” I love thinking and planning what I will get my partner. I go through my partner’s feed to try and find the right combination for them! FibreShare is love!” –Amy L.B.