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18 Packages that Won Our Hearts with Handmade Gifts

May 29, 2019

One thing we love about FibreShare is that, it’s not just a transactional exchange of yarn. In fact, it seems that most participants spend *hours* assembling their package, and often make a special gift to tuck inside!

Homemade gifts are awesome because they’re inherently special, they’re affordable, you can make them small and lightweight (which helps with shipping costs), and like.. honestly anyone who does yarn crafts is going to appreciate the heck out of homemade. So there’s a good bet that your partner is going to be *knitworthy* 😉

SO, heres a roundup of some of our favorite packages that included homemade gifts, such as:

  • Woven necklace
  • Macrame ornament
  • Knit, Crochet, Sewn, or Felted toy
  • Knit or Crochet Washcloth
  • Crochet or Woven Coasters
  • Homemade bookmark
  • Hand sewn project bag
  • Punch needle decor
  • Knit or Crochet Hat
  • Knitted bunting
  • Hand sewn and/or hand dyed potpourri pouch
  • Macrame or Woven keychain

Will YOU make something cute for your next FibreShare partner? We hope so!!

Big thanks to everyone who shared these photos with us via the hashtag #fibreshare! 

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#fibreshare goodness! I was spoiled soooo much from Athena Forbes aka @knitsnknacks Not only she designed this beautiful hat with my motto, she also made me one… and it fits!!! (Go to her profile and get the pattern) She sent me so many cute yarns that I didn’t know of and I am super grateful! And a skeinfor self stripping socks with 12 colors from @tinyhumanknits so it will keep me interested! Let’s see! 🤞🏼 She also sent me the @grocerygirlsknit pin ❤️ and one that says “yarned & dangerous” 🎉 The buttons from @brickbubble are amazing! And the pompoms a dream! I am a big lover of soap and can’t wait to try the one she send me.. and also thank you for the treats and tea 🧡 … Thank you for the newspaper (I will read it), the card and your wonderful pattern “Strimmena” and the beautiful bag . . . . . . #treliz #colorispower #fiberismyweapon #teamtreliz #handdyedyarn #yarn #wool #yarnporn #tricot #strikking #knitting #embracecolor #powerofnow #alltheknits #alltheknitters #knittersdoitbette #indiedyer #spoiled #thankyou #grateful

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***Fibreshare Share!*** I am finally posting my FibreShare package after having received it for awhile now. My FibreShare partner is Jacqueline @jacqueline.willson and she lives and works in Japan with her husband. So this package is full of Japanese goodies which is SO fun. And so super special. From top middle clockwise **potpourri pouch that made the box smell heavenly. ** a green (my favourite) pottery votive candle holder ** some adorable stamps out of round wood ** a notebook, pen and washi tape ** some teas and coffee ** two wooly neutral yarn goodies ** gorgeous green (my favourite) hand dyed fingering weight yarn from Australia ** a naturally dyed with onions gorgeous yellow yarn hank **AND the highlight!! Is the gorgeous triangle bunting that Jaqueline HANDSPUN with her own yarn and knit for my daughter. I mean I’m not crying. You’re crying. I can’t wait to hang this in her room. **not featured due to immediate consumption – was delicious candy treats and two chip bags with interesting flavours of chicken, and salt and seaweed. I mean YES! Chips are my weakness. Thank you thank you thank you – Jacqueline. It’s obvious the time and care you put into this package and I love everything and am grateful to have met you. And thank you to the FibreShare @fibreshare team. How you do what you do still blows my mind. . . . #fibreshare #handmade #knitting #knitstagram #knitknitknit #knittersofinstagram #stitchesbysarahs #fibrefriends #knittersofinaragram #knittersofig

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One of our favorite aspects of FibreShare is seeing all your thoughtful handmade gifts, like these beautiful crocheted earrings + macrame keychain! 😍🙌✨ 📷: @midnightweaveco ・・・ Happy mail day today!! I was so thrilled to receive this thoughtful @fibreshare package from Simone from @waffleandweave 💖 🌟✨👌 Full of colour and texture, I can’t wait to play with these beautiful yarns in my work! And she blew me away with a pair of gorgeous crocheted earrings and a linen macrame key ring that she made just for me!! So clever!! 💖💖💖 Tap for sources and scroll across to see the cute packaging and beautiful details from this package… Thank you so much Simone!!😘 . . . #fibreshare #fibresharepackage #fibreshare2018 #yarnlove #yarn #yarnaddict #wool #hemp #handdyedyarn #handspunyarn #colour #handmade #waffleandweave #crochet #crochetearrings #macrame #linen #macramekeyring #ihavethisthingwithwool #creativelifehappylife

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Generosity: noun – gen•er•os•i•ty. 1) the quality or fact of being kind and generous // “a person of great generosity” If there’s one word to describe my @fibreshare partner this round, it’s generosity. The description fits @clementinepepper to a T. I am overwhelmed at the thought, effort and LOVE poured into this package, the colors are eye catching, the textures are luxurious, the extras are so thoughtful… and this bag. I freaking LOVE bags. I hoard them. I have a million projects going at once and keep them all in bags. They’re my guilty pleasure… but this bag… THIS BAG. If all of you don’t tag @taylorswift so she sees it then we can’t be friends. Clementine freaking embroidered the REP logo onto a YARN BAG FOR ME! Then as if she was in cahoots with Tay Tay all along, added the prettiest lil feminine flowers which just scream the TS7 aesthetic. It’s the perfect combo, and it will be treasured forever as it combines my two favorite things, Taylor Swift and yarn. Thank you Clementine for this incredible fibreshare package, I’m so glad we were connected through this incredible fiber community and I cannot wait to see the rest of your *gorgeous* creations. (See what I did there?) P.S. Tay, you gotta hire Clementine to design some merch. #maddiemakesthings #fibercado • • • • • #makersgonnamake #yarnhoarder #yarnstagram #ontheloom #fiberart #yarn #mymakerslife #yarnhaul #weaving #anthrostyle #weareweavers #roving #weaversofinstagram #weavingtutorial #TS7 #fibreshare #weaversoftheworld #weavingloom #taylorswift #fibercadocommunity #creativehappylife #handsandhustle #weavingloom #makersmovement #mycreativebiz #reputation #darlingmovement #abmlifeiscolorful

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Okay can we all just take a sec to squee over those CUTE amigurumi toys?! You guys are so sweet to each other!!⁣ .⁣ Photo via @my_coloured_craft_world⁣ .⁣ I finally have the time to write a post about my fibreshare! I receive my package from the amazing @amigudesigns last week, and i’m still excited. I was so hesitating but now i’m so glad i decide to participated and i can’t wait to do that again :)!⁣ But let’s go back to my package, i just loved everything she send to me and i think everything is so special because it mean something and because she take her time to put everything together for me! I just love the yarn she chose and i’m already thinking at what i can do whit it! And to not talk about the colour of the zebrino yarn 😍! We talked about travel and she made a “trip to..” theme and send me things from place where she lived. It feels so special because i can’t travel that much right now and then because it’s a piece of her life! Last but not least, the amigurumis she made for my daughters! What’s more special than something made just for you? They are so cute that i wish i could keep one for me 😍!Thank again Larissa! And thank @fibreshare for this amazing experience!⁣ Swipe right for more picture ❤️❤️❤️ #fibreshare #fibresharepackage#shareyarnmakefriends #makefriends#amigurumi #amigurumihorse#amigurumipig #amigurumiturtle #coffee#tripto #thingsfromworldwide #yarn#specialdelivery #chocolate

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