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20 Fab Fiber Gifts Under $20

June 23, 2015

Feeling like your FibreShare buddy deserves a little something special in their package? While we don’t expect you to send extra gifts, it sure is fun!  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite odds and ends under $20.00.  Who knows, you might find something you can’t resist yourself!  And if you order two… you’ll have a FibreShare twin.  That’s a good excuse, right?

Written by Beth Meyer: Co-host of FibreShare.

*All photos were taken by the makers who sell these products.  Please visit their websites to see more loveliness/ridiculously tempting items!

Weaving Needle Three Pack by Loom and Spindle

1.  Loom & Spindle – Weaving Needle 3 Pack: We are loving these pastel, acrylic needles.  So fresh and lovely, and with large eyes for easy threading, they make a great gift for any weaver!  Plus it comes in a 3 pack, so you can keep one for yourself if you like!

Madeline Tosh Triangle Gauge for Knitters

2.  Madeline Tosh – Triangle Gauge:  Do we even need to spell it out?  A perfect balance of form and function, these handcrafted, bamboo gauges would tempt any knitter – guaranteed!

Hello Harriet Alpaca Tote Bag

3.  Hello Harriet – Alpaca That Tote Bag: Probably the best project bag we’ve ever seen.  I mean… you are literally PACKING a FibreShare package.  And that alpaca drawing!?  Gah, just take our money now and get it over with!

Hand dyed silk carrier rods by The Rainbow Girl

4.  The Rainbow Girl – Hand Dyed Silk Carrier Rods:  We can say from experience that these are just divine for any weaving project, and the Rainbow Girl’s colors are so dreamy!  If you have a look at her Etsy shop, you’ll find that it’s basically a treasure chest of hand-dyed fiber art supplies.  From silk cocoons to mini skeins to doilies, we guarantee you’ll find something that your FibreShare partner will love!

Tolt Yarn and Wool Notebook

5.  Tolt Yarn and Wool – Project Notebook: The sweetest mini notebook featuring a slogan that we totally support.  These gems are great for ANY type of crafter – crochet, knitting, weaving, felting, embroidery …okay we’re not going to just list all the types of crafts – you get the picture!  Have a look around the Tolt shop because they have dozens of sweet gift ideas, and of course, they have a totally gorgeous selection of yarns.

String Harvest - TrapArt Wooden Crochet Hooks

6.  String Harvest – TrapArt Crochet Hooks: These crochet hooks are already awesome because they’re made for huge, chunky projects. But we love that they’re also hand cut in Barcelona!  String Harvest, you’ve captured our hearts (and our wallets) once again!  If your FibreShare partner is a crocheter, we know they’d be super stoked to find one of these hooks in the mail!

Jimenas Treasures - Handmade Fabric Beads

7.  Jimenas Treasures – Fabric Beads: We’ve had our eye on these beads for quite some time, and with over 1,000 glowing reviews on Etsy, they’ve got to be dynamite!  These beads are handcrafted from copper and hand-dyed yarn.  Whoa!  Sometimes the artist, Jana, even hand spins the yarn herself.  These beads would look fabulous in weavings, funky knitting projects, attached to an orifice hook… your imagination is the limit.

Merchant and Mills Bespoke Tap Measure

8.  Merchant & Mills – Bespoke Tape Measure: Now here’s a gift that every FibreShare buddy could use.  We really dig the simple, traditional style of this tape measure, and with both metric and imperial measurements, it works for everyone!  If you aren’t familiar with Merchant & Mills, you should definitely look around their shop, as it was difficult to choose just one item for this roundup!  They’ve also got fabulous scissors and other sweet notions.

Board-and-bread-black-walnut-flat-shuttle-10_copy_1024x1024 (1)

9.  Board & Bread – Walnut Shuttle Set: Okay, okay, so we’re kind of breaking out goal of listing items under $20 here, but we couldn’t put together a roundup without mentioning Board & Bread.  Plus, this set is only $30 and you get THREE gorgeous weaving shuttles!  I mean, that a steal right?!  These babies are handcrafted from black walnut and are super dreamy.  If you haven’t checked out Board & Bread before, we implore you: go forth and treat yourself (and your FibreShare partner lol)!

Fringe Supply Mini Scissors

10.  Fringe Supply – Mini Scissors: Ah, Fringe Supply.  Your products will never cease to temp us.  These mini scissors are basically the cutest things to grace the world of fiber supplies, and they start at just under $10.  They’re great for any type of crafter, and are so teeny tiny that they’re great for traveling!  …Like, traveling around the world inside your FibreShare package!  Seriously though, Fringe Supply is packed with wonderful notions and gifts, and if you’re not yet familiar with their shop – you should skidattle on over there.

Ply Magazine

11.  Ply Magazine: If you are sending a FibreShare package to a spinner, then chances are – you are also a spinner.  And if you’re a spinner, then chances are – you already know all about Ply Magazine.  But if you don’t know about Ply, then get your butt on over to their website!  Whether you have older copies already on your bookshelf that you’d like to share, or if you’d like to order a specific issue to give your partner, sending an issue of Ply would be a really lovely idea!

The Unusual Pear Tapestry Needles

12. The Unusual Pear – Bamboo Tapestry Needles: These cute-as-a-button bamboo needles are hand-sanded with love, and at a price of under $5, how can anyone resist?!  They’ve got great big eyes so you can easily thread chunky yarns, and are made with strength and durability in mind.

Wool and the Gang Keychain

13.  Wool and the Gang – Wool Keyring:  Sometimes it’s just fun to splurge on wooly cute accessories.  (Sorry, it had to be done at least once!)  And this retro, bright pink, acrylic keychain would bring a smile to any type of crafter!  We’re already so smitten with Wool and the Gang’s yarns, we really got a kick out of this kitschy gem.

Purl Soho Bamboo Cable Needle

14.  Purl Soho – Bamboo Cable Needles:  If your FibreShare partner is into cable knits, what better mini gift to send than a beautiful, bamboo cable needle!  These babies are small enough that they won’t add too much extra weight to your FibreShare package, and they’re so elegant.  Any knitter would treasure one of these!

Small Glow Mug

15.  Small Glow – I Make Awesome Things Mug:  If you think your FibreShare partner is awesome (duh), then how sweet would it be to send them a reminder that they’ll see every day!  Small Glow has a ton of great mugs for makers.  We also really dig their “Cha-Ching!” mug.  …Because if you have an Etsy shop, then you are probably very familiar with the glee one feels at that “cha-ching!” alert sound. ‘Nuff said.

Rebecca Burgess - Harvesting Color

16.  Rebecca Burgess – Harvesting Color:  Whether you or your partner dye fiber is not really relevant because this book is totally fascinating for anyone into fiber art.  Plus… we’re pretty sure once you read it, you’ll want to learn hand-dyeing anyway.  So why not go for it!  This is one of the most widely recommended dyeing books we’ve come across, and it’s awesome.  If you’ve got this in your library already, maybe consider sending it along to your FibreShare partner!  Or if you’re feeling really generous, order one just for her!

Roving Textiles Weaving Comb

17.  Roving Textiles – Weaving Comb: These handcrafted combs are made from beautiful, natural Poplar.  …You may have caught on by now that we’re a little bit obsessed with Roving Textiles.  We’ve featured her a couple of times and just can’t say enough good things about her tools and looms.  If your FibreShare partner is into weaving, one of their combs would be a dynamite gift!

Tufts Woolen Knitter's Hand Balm

18.  Tuft Woolens – Knitters Hand and Body Balm:  Okay so we haven’t actually tried this … YET.  But with hundreds of stellar reviews, we kind of feel like this is a good bet.  Whether your FibreShare partner is a knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner… it doesn’t matter.  We’re all hard on our hands, and those fingers could use some TLC!  We like this balm because it’s made with lanolin rich and organic materials!

Ashley L Thurman Pom Poms

19.  Ashley L Thurman – Pom Poms: If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your FibreShare package, why not order some rad, custom pom poms!  They’re super playful, and would be great in weavings, or strung on a garland.  You can probably make some yourself, but we think it’s fun to let someone else do all the trimming and vacuuming lol.


20.  Woven Craft – Red Cedar Weaving Comb: Is it rude to say we kind of saved the best for last?!  Sorry, but these tools by Woven Craft are basically the most stunning gems we’ve seen in ages.  Handcrafted from the most beautiful Red Cedar, they’d make super special gifts to tuck into your FibreShare package.  Although if you have a look at the entire Woven Craft shop, you’ll be lucky if all you come away with is one comb! …We’re saying you’ll want to buy everything.  Trust us, you will.


Well, that’s a drool-worthy compilation if we do say so ourselves!  Of course as we mentioned before, you are not expected to include extra items in your FibreShare package.  The requirement is still just to send 100 grams of fibre.  But, if you want to send some extra goodies, we hope we’ve inspired you!  We can’t wait to see all the beautiful packages zipping around the globe.  Happy sharing!

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