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Monday Makers | Anne Choi of A Little Teapot Designs

April 27, 2015

Anne Choi of A Little Teapot Designs

And here is Anne Choi from “A Little Teapot Designs” for this week’s installment of Monday Makers!

This is a pic of me from last year, skirting fleece on a trampoline at a local farm.  My hair is shortner now, but I’m still thrilled to be surrounded by wooly wool.  I spin yarn, and my life is basically one big yarn bomb.

My business is called A little Teapot Designs because I really do love tea and teapots, and …well, at 5’1″, I really *am* a little teapot.

I’m in the process of moving from the beautiful Maryland countryside to the beautiful New Jersey countryside.  We’re moving for my husband’s job, but I’m very excited because I think I’ve found a place that will allowme to fulfill my own fibery dreams of owning a fiber flock and creating a studio workshop space.  We’ll be making an offer on the house this week, so please send positive thoughts!  Anyone who does so is welcome to visit anytime if all goes well.

My favorite color is blues (all of ’em).

I will choose French Fries over dessert every time.  Bonus points for vinegar.

My favorite scent is lime blossoms.


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