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Tuft Woolens | Meet Martha: Creator of the Best Sock Soaps and Hand Balms

April 19, 2017

We’re very excited about this Featured Maker post. Β In fact, we at FibreShare personally use Tuft Woolens products all the time, and are convinced that they’re the BEST natural wool wash + hand balms around! Β And the natural scents? Β Oh, don’t even get us started. Β But, we’ll quit gushing for a moment… πŸ˜‰

Everyone, meet Martha: the maker behind Tufts Woolens! Β She hand-crafts her products with love and care, and we totally think you need to try them out. Β Read on for her inside story (including a sneak peek of her adorable pups), and please visit her Instagram/Website to say hi!

Martha Tuft Woolens

Hi! I’m Martha, the founder of Tuft Woolens! I first discovered my love for creating as a young girl. My creativity was fostered by my Mother, a master knitter and knitting instructor as she encouraged me to try many types of arts and crafts, including: drawing, ceramics, jewelry, aromatherapy, soap making, photography and most recently fiber arts.

Hand Crafted Soap Bar Tuft Woolens
Tuft Woolens began as a small seed of an idea three years ago. I had been passionately knitting and spinning for about 7 years and was working my day job doing product testing and R&D in the cosmetic industry. I wanted to develop a product free of the added preservatives and chemicals found in liquid wool washes and soaps. I realized that making my own products enabled me to feed my need to create while giving me the freedom to control the quality of the ingredients.

Lanolin Knitters Balm by Tuft Woolens

Luxury Lip Balm by Tuft Woolens
I began by making batches and batches of products, and talking my friends and family into trying them (thanks ladies and gents!). I researched, created and experimented, while focusing on natural, sustainable and organic ingredients. My background in aromatherapy and experience in the cosmetic industry taught me to blend essential oils and herbs into beautiful, sophisticated fragrance experiences.

Hand Crafted Soap Bar by Martha of Tuft Woolens

I am inspired by the natural world and most of my blends are influenced by something I love and want to re-create, like the moss soaked forests of the Pacific northwest, or my own honeybee garden. I care deeply for our environment, so I ensure the packaging, is recycled and recyclable.

Hand Crafted Soap Bar Tuft Woolens Columbus OH

I couldn’t even begin to tell you which part is my favorite. I love coming up with new scent blends, making products, choosing the artwork on the packages, meeting you all at shows and fiber fairs. It really is a dream come true to be able to create for such a wonderful community.

Hand Crafted Sock Soap Tuft Woolens
All Tuft products are made in my Columbus Ohio home, where I live with my husband, two rescue Keeshonden (a Dutch spitz dog breed related to Huskies and Chows) and our sweet kitty. I owe a huge thanks to my husband, Jeff, who some of you may have met in my booth at various shows. He has been so supportive and instrumental to my success. I look forward to the day when we can work together full time!

Martha Tuft Woolens

Hand Sock Soap for Knitted Items by Tuft Woolens

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