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5 Books to DIY your Partner’s Friendship Bracelet

July 11, 2019

Hi FibreShare Flock! Ashley here! I don’t know what it is about a good craft book that really get’s my blood pumping, but my goodness I can’t resist. Growing up, you can bet the first place I visited in a library or bookstore was the Arts and Crafts Section. #istilldo

Pair my love of DIY Craft Books with my middle school obsession with making friendship bracelets, and you can almost see 12 year old me…holed up in my bedroom with cases of carefully organized embroidery floss pouring over my latest library find; making friendship bracelets and having the time of my life.

So when we decided on our first theme of “Friendship Bracelets” I knew exactly what to do: find you the best damn DIY bracelet books the internet (and your library!) has to offer. 

Arm Candy: Friendship Bracelets to Make and Share by Laura Strutt

If DIY’ing your partner’s friendship bracelet intimidates you (the pressure!!!) this book is for you. Not only are the designs fairly simple, they’re also super cute and wearable. Find the ever-popular chevron style knotted bracelet; along with bracelets made with t-shirt yarn, washi tape, safety pins and MORE.

Friendship Bracelets All Grown Up: Hemp, Floss and Other Boho Chic Designs to Make by Suzanne McNeill

This book’s title definitely sums things up. Within it’s pages you can expect to find more classic friendship bracelet patterns, but only the most sophisticated ones. The thing I loved the most about this book was how it taught you a simple design, but also gave you ideas on how to make simple changes (like adding beads) for a whole different look and feel. PLUS a whole section is devoted to hemp bracelets and bonus points for extra projects using bungee cord and paracord if that’s your partner’s style.

Leather Bracelets by Nihon Vogue-She

Honestly when the time comes for me to make my partner’s friendship bracelet, this will most likely be the book I turn to. FULL of detailed instructions on how to make thirty-three stylish leather bracelets ranging from simple to intermediate, you are sure to find a project suitable for your partner. I also really loved the ideas they included on how to style them with other designs also included in the book. Perfect for people like me who want a little arm candy – but are not sure where to start.

DIY Wrap Bracelets by Keiko Sakamoto

This book is for those of you who want to do a little more for your partner and promise to make a statement piece. This book includes 22 wrap bracelet designs using more than just thread: designs using beads, charms, ribbon, fabric, cord and more can be re-created for your partner (or yourself!). Some of the designs can also double as necklaces too! #twogiftsinone

Beautiful Bracelets By Hand by Jade Gedeon

By far the biggest, and most comprehensive book of them all; you can find numerous bracelet designs, with very detailed progress photos and instructions, that extend beyond the style of bracelet you tend to think of when you hear the term “Friendship Bracelet”. Including seventy-five different designs from basic macrame knots to beautifully intricate beaded designs there is absolutely no way you won’t want to make at least one.


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