Fibreshare portrait
FibreShare is a two-woman organization pioneered by Ashley Thurman and Beth Meyer.  United by a friendly compulsion to share luxury yarn, they have proudly grown FibreShare from a casual snail-mail exchange into a global community of likeminded fiber artists.

Ashley Thurman FibreShare Founder

Ashley L. Thurman: Founder | CEO

Ashley is a yarn-making Momma and Weaver, weaving the dream in St. Louis, MO. When she’s not chasing after her two kids or geeking out over yarn and oils – she orchestrates partner matches for each round of FibreShare BY HAND, manages our social media, and is the person you are most likely to chat with if you send us an email. She also thinks Tacos deserve their own food group.

Follow Ashley on Instagram:@loom_denim

 Beth Meyer FibreShare Co-HostBeth Meyer: Creative Director

Beth is a Cincinnati-based Artist and Stay at Home Mom who loves floral patterns and all things YARN! She draws our graphics, dreams up wooly big ideas (sorry, it had to be done), and manages the website.  But in the evenings you might find her knitflixing to the latest zombie film armed with a glass of spicy wine.

Follow Beth on Instagram: @swiftandbloom

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