Ashley L Thurman of FibreShare

Ashley L. Thurman

Founder, Community Manager, Partner Matching Mastermind

“Hi! I’m Ashley – lover of all things Fiber. The success of FibreShare has completely blown me away. I knew I loved the idea, but I’m so thrilled so many others have been so receptive and excited to participate.

In addition to hosting FibreShare I am a Wife, Mother, Fiber Artist and a full-time worker-bee in the corporate Healthcare Industry. Growing up I was always the “artsy” one in my group of friends and thanks to a very supportive art teacher in High School I began to think that maybe I could actually turn my creative passions into a career. In College I Majored in Fine Arts with a focus in Fibers, but after the birth of my son I purposefully put the art-world on hold for a few years while my husband and I tried to find our footing as parents and responsible adults. Late in the summer of 2014 I was browsing through Instagram and found someone had posted a weaving they had made and I had this overwhelming urge to get my hands on some yarn. I built a makeshift loom from a picture frame and some nails and haven’t looked back since.

I first fell in love with Fibers during my first year of college in 2003 when I enrolled in a Weaving Course. I quickly fell in love with the materials and the process. When you’re weaving you constantly have a hold of the yarn and the fiber and it’s easy to see the progress being made. There is nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a weaving that took me 20+ hours to complete and knowing it came from my own two hands.

When I’m not weaving or organizing FibreShare (or working, hehe) I love spending time with my little family. My husband James and our son Tucker make me laugh so hard, and are always reminding me not to take myself too seriously. We love to hit up all the thrift stores, eat all the chips and cheese, and cuddle on the couch watching Dr. Who.”

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beth meyer ugly hank yarn

Beth Meyer

Web Guru, Blog Manager, Graphics

“Hey there! My name is Beth, and I’m a Cincinnati-based fiber artist.  In addition to hosting FibreShare, I have a business called Ugly Hank, where I spin and dye yarn for weavers. My greatest passions are supporting small farms and using natural dyes.

When Ashley invited me to be her Co-Host of FibreShare, I was thrilled!  I had participated in the first public Fibre Share in 2015, and immediately knew I wanted to give back to this community.  The endless support I’ve drawn from other fiber folks has been an extremely inspiring and positive force.  I love that managing our blog and website allows me to highlight and support other indie makers!

I have to add that my husband, Jacob Meyer, has been an invaluable resource, and helped us bring FibreShare to where it is today. He is the real tech guru of FibreShare, and has kindly donated heaps of time + expertise to our technical side.  Thanks Jacob!

In my free time, I love knitting, weaving, and chillin’ with my little dog Dorothy.  I’d love to connect with you all on Instagram!  Swing by and say hey anytime: @ugly_hank


The Story of FibreShare

In January of 2015 Cherry Greenslade sent me a message telling me about an idea she had for a yarn and fiber swap and asked if I would be interested in being involved. I was so thrilled Cherry had asked me because eerily enough I had been having a similar idea floating around in my head. We quickly began exchanging ideas and our first “unofficial” swap was held soon after the idea was formed. Seven participants joined us by invitation only, but once the idea went live we quickly realized we had to go public and needed to do it soon. In March/April 2015 we opened FibreShare to everyone and were overwhelmed by the positive response and support we were receiving. Not wanting to hold back progress we invited Beth Meyer and Rainie Williams to join us as hosts in May 2015 and help us work towards some of our long-term goals. We were so thrilled when they accepted our invitation and they have already brought so much insight and expertise to our little project.

It has been such a joy seeing FibreShare grow and I can’t wait to see what’s next. We have lots of ideas percolating for the future of Fibreshare to bring more and more Fiber-Folks together and continue to support small creative businesses. Thank you so much for supporting us!



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