Anatomy of a FibreShare Package

#teamhandspun: Package by Lesley Denny

November 13, 2017

FibreShare Package by Lesley Denny

Looking for inspo while curating your FibreShare package? Here’s a breakdown of a package sent by FibreShare participant: Lesley Denny (@lesleyynned). She participated in the spinning category and sent the sweetest array of hand-dyed and handspun gifts. This package is a perfect example of why we launched FibreShare in the first place: to share from the heart! Details below:


  • Hand dyed by Lesley: five tiny skeins that she dyed with Eucalyptus gathered from the local area in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Handspun by Lesley: Alpaca Skein (One of the first skeins she ever spun! Wow!!)
  • Guide Falls Alpaca Farm, Tasmania: undyed alpaca roving
  • Hand dyed by Lesley: Lovely alpaca fibre grown by an alpaca named Rascal near Mount Barney, QLD. Naturally dyed with Eucalyptus (Green), Marigold (Yellow), Avocado (Pastel Pink), Marigold & Avocado (Pastel Orange), Logwood extract (Purple).


  • Handmade by Lesley: project tote that she dip dyed with eucalyptus leaf dye and iron as a colour modifier
  • Handmade by Lesley: notions pouch dyed with homegrown woad
  • Handmade by Lesley: massage oils distilled from locally gathered plants (Lemon Tea Tree, Mandarin, Lavender)
  • Little Gifts: tea tree incense cones purchased in Nepal, T2 teas, koala stitch markers, alpaca bookmark, happy washi Tape, cute sticky notes, Lush ‘Honey Trap’ lip balm
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