Anatomy of a FibreShare Package

#teamknit: Package by Jennifer Kelley Sadler

June 17, 2015

Example FibreShare Package for Knitters by Jennifer of Jaykay Knits

This FibreShare example package is just so dreamy!  It was assemble by Jennifer Kelley Sadler, who is a super talented knitter and blogger.  We especially love how she included so many personal touches, including handmade items, locally sourced yarn, little extra gifts, and vintage odds and ends. The contents are:

A 100 g skein of 100% wool dyed naturally with ivy leaves
A 100 g skein of 100% alpaca from a local Western NC alpaca farm
A vintage doily with vintage wooden sewing spools
A little notebook
A handmade card
Namaste brand tape measure
Wooden & clay buttons

It’s clear that this collection really embodies the spirit of FibreShare, as it focuses on giving and thoughtfulness.  Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her choices:

I’m guilty of collecting little notebooks for scribbling down notes while knitting, and a lot of them go unused. Something like this would be perfect to pass along to a knitter for jotting down notes, or sketching out designs. The handmade card is just a sweet added touch – who better to appreciate handmade things than a maker? The tape measure is the perfect size to toss into a knitting bag so you have one with you all the time. Lovely, unique buttons are a great addition to the swap package because they’re fun notions, and can add a lot to a knitting project. The two on the top and the two on the bottom came from Michaels, but the one in the middle is handmade and was purchased on Etsy from a shop called Field Hands.

The yarn on the left is a 100g skein of 100% wool that I dyed naturally with ivy leaves. I think it’s fun to include yarn that your partner may not be able to find at their LYS or online – it makes the swap more unique! The yarn on the right is a 100g skein of 100% alpaca from a local alpaca farm here in Asheville. It’s fun to look for fiber that’s unique to your area, or that says something about where you’re from. I’m fortunate to live somewhere where there is an abundance of fiber farms and a local fiber mill, which I realize everyone isn’t, but I still think it’s fun 😉 My local fiber mill has an online shop: Eco View Shop.

And finally, this vintage doily is something I picked up at some point in a thrift store and wasn’t using, and same for the vintage wooden spools. I picked up a huge garbage bag of them for just a few dollars! I also view this swap as a way to go through some of the stuff I already own and take a look at what I’m not using. It’s a good way to share the love 😉 These would be perfect to wrap yarn around and use while knitting colorwork – especially intarsia. They’re also just neat to have and can be used for some decor.

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