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Ashley Tries It: Cloud Looms from Niromastudio

October 23, 2018

Founder and CEO, Ashley, is back today showcasing another one of her favorites: Cloud Looms from Niroma Studio! Keep reading to find out more about these cute-as-a-button looms you’ve been seeing all over instagram. When you’re done though don’t forget to pick up a set of your own by visiting Cindy’s web shop!

This is not a sponsored post! We just LOVE this product and want to tell the world! However, there may be affiliate links present where available.

I feel like everyone is selling shape looms these days. It’s a trend I never saw coming, but I’m in love with how versatile they can be for beginner and experienced weavers alike. Sometimes I want to weave, but I don’t want to put much thought into a design, and shape looms can help solve that problem. The designing has already been done for you and all that’s left to do is pick out your colors, textures, and weave away!

When I saw Niroma Studio’s Cloud looms, I knew I had to get my hands on them. So as soon as pre-orders went live I stopped what I was doing – sorry kids, sorry husband – claimed my set, and waited. Ughh the waiting was AGONY but when they finally arrived at my doorstep and I was able to feast my eyes on their beauty – well, let’s just say, the wait was worth it!

The cloud looms are designed and made in Cindy’s home, “constructed from a sturdy oak with a transparent satin finish that allows the beautiful natural oak color to come through.”, and they come in a pack of 3.

Wowie are they beautiful or what?!

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you purchase something online and once it arrives it’s just not what you expected? Well these are BETTER folks. The wood used for these looms is thick, and heavy and not at all what I expected in a totally good way. Heck – I think they would be beautiful displayed just on their own if you wanted to! But that would be a pretty lame review if I didn’t weave with them so let’s keep going shall we?

We are in the beginning stages of re-freshing my daughter Effy’s room from her nursery decor to more of a toddler/little girl room and I have big plans to paint one wall a dark moody teal. Before I even received my cloud looms I knew that’s where these beauties will eventually hang so I wanted to keep the clouds simple, neutral, and let the shape of the looms do the talking.

Thankfully, Cindy also sells some amazing macrame supplies and I was able to snag some rope too, while shopping my stash for various other neutral fibers of varying texture.

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I’m not going to lie – I was a bit intimidated initially at the thought of warping these looms, but once I got started, I was able to warp them all by myself with only a teensy bit of struggle with the tension. Since then I’ve discovered there is actually a tutorial available here on how to warp them, so definitely be smarter than me and watch the video first.


Weaving with these looms really was a joy. They’re so compact I was able to finish the whole set in one afternoon!

The smallest cloud was the most difficult, for me, to weave with. I think this was because the space for your material is so small in some areas. This was nothing a little bit of determination couldn’t fix and thankfully my fumbly fingers cooperated for once. That being said, I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s so petite and cute I could squeal when I look at it – and if it was bigger it just wouldn’t have the same effect now would it?

I decided to keep my weavings on the looms permanently. However, you can use these looms over and over again too! I personally love the way the loom frames the pieces though. The oak is really just so beautiful. It deserves to be displayed instead of sitting in a pile of supplies gathering dust. BUT that’s just my humble opinion. Take it or leave it!



And there you have it! Three cloud weavings I absolutely adore – destined for my daughter’s updated room. Once we get our butts in gear I will come back and update this post with pictures of these babes hanging in her finished room. For now just imagine how awesome they’ll look against a dark moody wall.


Since these looms went live I’ve seen so many talented fiber artists take these looms and make them their own. I’ve gathered some here for you:

Love the handspun fringe on this bright and cheery mini cloud from Bryanne Misco from Moon and Yarn!


Get a load of this incredibly detailed, neutral beauty from Hannah Reed of Loominessance! The macrame details are genius!


The Colors Ange Sewell of Weft Blown used in her large cloud are giving us some serious fall vibes, and we love it!


Love this simple, fringe-heavy design from Heidi Fylling of The River Haze! A perfect example of how less can be so much more!


Clare Burton of Jade & Frankie is a master of color, and this beauty is no exception. This blue pallet is giving us all the calming, relaxation vibes and we’re not mad about it.


And last (but certainly not least) is another neutral from Stephanie Barbakoff of Santa Barbara Knot Company. I know this is just a work in progress photo, but I love the negative space created with the large sections of bare warp!



So many other amazing makers out there doing great things with these looms – and YOU could be next! Pick your cloud looms up today, and don’t forget to click here for 10% off your order!

Since this review was written, Cindy from Niroma Studio has done another really cool thing and started a Podcast for Fiber Artists! Be sure to head on over and have a listen!

The Fiber Artist Podcast by Cindy Bokser









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