Ashley Tries It

Ashley Tries It: Natural Dye Box by BQueen Collection

June 27, 2016

We’re pretty pumped about this new series called “Ashley Tries It,” and hope you’ll love it, too!  Our first installment is a review of BQueen Collection‘s new Natural Dye Boxes.  Read on as Ashley Thurman (our FibreShare Founder) discusses her thoughts on the BQueen experience.  Spoiler alert: she thinks it’s pretty groovy 😉

We’d also like to say a big THANKS to Makenzie of BQueen for generously gifting us a dye box!  We hope you’ll visit BQueen’s website and join in on the monthly dye journey!

BQueen Collection Natural Dye Box

“Okay friends – confession time – I was so excited to get the chance to try out a Natural Dye Box from BQueen Collection. Admittedly, my past experience with Natural Dyeing is limited to a two day workshop in college 10+ years ago which consisted of thirty-ish people throwing baby skeins of the roughest wool imaginable into gigantic plastic trash cans filled with natural dye stuff I had no part in collecting, measuring, or even stirring for that matter. Needless to say I didn’t really take away much from the experience. I hadn’t really given much thought to trying again all these years until I fell into this wonderful instagram community and have met (and gawked at) some really awesome makers specializing in naturally dyed yarns and fibers. Since then I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to dive back in, and folks…I think we have a winner!

From the moment my Dye box arrived it felt like Christmas morning. As I opened the carefully curated box I “ooohed” and “awed” at all the beautiful details. While opening the kit I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was assembled just for me which was a really nice touch. I don’t buy much for myself (*ahem*…kids), but when I do, I can’t tell you how much more meaningful it is for it to be delivered in beautiful packaging.

BQueen Collection Natural Dye Box

So what exactly is the BQueen Collection Dye Box? Well, quite simply, it is a DIY monthly dye kit that is “ready to dye” as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. “By taking out some of the preliminary steps for you, we make it easy yet very rewarding to find color on a bare hank.” Every month the dye color changes as well as the fiber content and weight. This means 12 times a year you will get to learn about a new natural dye and add a new skein of naturally dyed yarn to your stash! I received the May box with 100% superwash merino and Logwood dye.

BQueen Collection Natural Dye Box

The kit includes almost everything (you provide the saucepan) to complete your natural dye experience and truthfully, that was my FAVORITE part. For me, when I’m debating trying a new skill on for size, quite often the little details seem the most terrifying. I was very relieved when I discovered the yarn was pre-mordanted and skeined for dyeing, the dye stuff was pre-measured, and all the tools and instructions needed were included for me. There was absolutely no guesswork involved. I do selfishly wish there could have been some information on how to achieve different shades of color if desired. However, I don’t believe that’s the goal with this kit and having that kind of information could ultimately take away from the intended beginner’s experience.

Overall there wasn’t anything about this box I did not enjoy and I highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to experiment with natural dyeing with little investment. Ready to take the plunge? If you order before June 30th you’ll receive July’s Dye Box – and don’t forget to use your 10% off coupon exclusive to FibreShare Participants of the June/July 2016 round of swapping!”

BQueen Collection Natural Dye Box

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