Ashley Tries It

Ashley Tries It: The Loome

October 4, 2016

We’re having so much fun with this new blog series called “Ashley Tries It,” in which our FibreShare Founder, Ashley Thurman, tries awesome fibres + fibre tools  toys. Today she shares the scoop on super cool multitools by the Loome.  We’ve featured them before, and have been dying to try their tools for ourselves… Big THANKS to Vilasinee of the Loome for kindly sending us one to play with!!  We hope you’ll visit their website and Insta-feed to join in on the fun.  And now, review time: Take it away, Ashley!


Confession Time: I was totally one of those kids that at one time thought I was going to take over the world with my friendship bracelet making skills. I would spend hours organizing my embroidery floss and beads in those clear plastic organizers and basically everyone I knew had some form of wrist candy made by yours truly. Obviously my friendship bracelet empire didn’t pan out – but oh man what I could have accomplished if the Loome had been around 25 years ago…*shakes fist at sky*

I received the Big A Model which is 5” tall and per the website this model “can make pom poms, tassels, cords, friendship bracelets/cords, braids, and small weavings”, and is a classic model primarily for small weaving and perfect if buying for a kid.
I must admit, at first I was a tad intimidated by the design and tried to figure out how to use it without referencing any instructions…bad idea. All I ended up with is a tangled mess of yarn. Luckily for me there is a wealth of knowledge on their website, including VIDEO TUTORIALS. Once I took a step back and learned the basics I was quickly back on track. Moral of the Story kids: Read the instructions.

The video tutorials are great – not only in their simplicity which makes it super easy for anyone to follow, but they include tons of inspiration beyond the obvious bracelets and pom-poms. Tassels, necklaces, keychains, bookmarks – basically anything your mind can dream up the Loome can help you create.

For my first experience I knew I wanted to tackle some friendship bracelets (ummm..duh). Coincidentally I had some Billie Jean Yarn from Wool and the Gang (look for it in a future installment of Ashley Tries It!) and I love how these two simple bracelets turned out. I can’t wait to keep experimenting with different fiber and designs and I can guarantee if you’re one of my future FibreShare partners you will be getting a friendship bracelet…just accept it already.

Pom-Poms: we all love them, but let’s be honest they can sometimes be a pain in the rear to make. I have the old school pom-pom makers that look like some sort of medieval torture device, and my new Loome is going to quickly replace them. I tend to be one of those that prefer a looser more textural pom instead of the usual tight construction, so I was pleased to find out I could still accomplish the same look and feel I’m accustomed to. Before I knew it (less than 15 minutes) I had a new garland for my son strung together.

After bracelets and pom poms I knew I needed to try something a bit more advanced, and since I’m primarily a weaver I knew a tiny weaving was the answer to my crafty dilemma. Talk about instant gratification! Sometimes the hardest part about weaving is how long it can take – but this tiny little thing worked up in no time. I even had time to turn it into a pretty woven necklace: a trend I have somehow managed to escape until now. I never knew what I was missing!

My only real disappointment is I wish it was bigger. BUT that’s easily solvable with one of the larger models – there are 4 to choose from (hint hint hubby)! I can’t wait to share with my 8-year-old son and see what kind of projects he dreams up.
I’m just going to say it – your crafting life is not complete until you own one of these genius tools. The possibilities really are endless and I’m still coming up with different ways to use it.


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