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Ashley Tries It | “Tapestry Weaving Companion” by Vanessa Lauria

May 24, 2017

Co-Host Ashley is here today to share her impressions of a handy weaving booklet by Vanessa Lauria of Pidge Pidge!  After you’ve read this review, we’re betting you’ll be keen to visit Pidge Pidge for more.  Find her Etsy shop here, and follow her gorgeous Instagram feed here.  And now, let’s hear Ashley’s thoughts on the “Tapestry Weaving Companion!”

tapestry weaving companion booklet by vanessa pidge pidge

Let’s face it. Learning a new craft can be scary and intimidating – sometimes leaving you in this confusing state in which you start doubting yourself and what you’re capable of – especially if you feel you don’t have access to the right tools or resources.

I’ve been weaving for awhile…I learned in college while trying to satisfy some art requirement but not everyone is lucky enough to stumble upon their passion like I was. Some people find the inspiration to try something new from watching others or scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest – but then, if you’re like me, the inevitable question, “how do I get started?” surfaces. Sometimes, if you’re not able to find the answer to that question (or there are too many options) you could abandon your aspirations before you even begin, and what is the fun in that?

tapestry weaving companion booklet by vanessa pidge pidge

If you’re wanting to give weaving a try, or have ever wanted to but really didn’t know how to get started – I couldn’t recommend a better start than the “Tapestry Weaving Companion” by Vanessa Lauria of Pidge Pidge. Not only does Vanessa know her stuff (and have a beautiful weaving studio – seriously, check out the Fibre Spaces Feature here), I can tell she really put a lot of thought and effort into this little gem of a book and geared its contents towards a total beginner weaver.

tapestry weaving companion by vanessa lauria

When I first laid eyes on the book I was amazed at how light and compact it is. I have a lot of weaving books but nothing I can stick in a project bag or purse. And if you’re a visual learner you can’t go wrong. This book is 90% photos (I’m bad at math #dontquoteme) that show you exactly how your yarn or fiber should look when setting up your loom or using some of the more common stitches and techniques. And while I’m a more experienced weaver than a total beginner – wouldn’t you know I learned something too? The Double Soumak – I was doing it wrong all along!

ashley l thurman weaving using tapestry weaving companion by vanessa lauria

Following the book I was able to create a little weaving for my son’s room and gain some inspiration for future collections. If you’re on the fence contemplating a case of #weaverfever – I’m asking you to get out there and grab a copy of this book and face your fears! Thank you Vanessa!

ashley l thurman weaving

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