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Brain Food for Weavers | 6 Inspirational Geometric Artists

August 18, 2015

Looking to spice up your Instagram feed? Or maybe you want to spruce up the walls of your work space? Swing by the Insta feeds and shops of these rad geometric artists – their collages, prints & paintings will surely inspire your next weaving project. Enjoy!

By Beth Meyer: Co-Host of FibreShare
*All images are sourced form the artists who created these artworks. Please visit their Insta feeds, websites, and shops to see more! (Links below each photo.)


Kels O'Sullivan

Image Source: Kelly O’Sullivan (@thebookofkels)

1. Kelly OSullivan:
Book of Kels Website + Shop
Book of Kels on Etsy


Atelier Bingo

Image Source: Atelier Bingo (@atelier_bingo)

2. Atelier Bingo:
Atelier Bingo Website
Atelier Bingo on Etsy


Ana Montiel

Image Source: Ana Montiel (anamontiel)

3. Ana Montiel:
Ana Montiel Website


Esther Cox

Image Source: Esther Cox (@esthercoxskiosk)

4.  Esther Cox:
Esther Cox’s Kiosk Website
Esther Cox’s Kiosk on Etsy


Jp King

Image Source: Jp King (@paper_pusher)

5. Jp King:
Jp King’s Website
Paper Pusher Website + Shop


Lisa Congdon

Image Source: Lisa Congdon (@lisacongdon)

6.  Lisa Congdon:
Lisa Congdon’s Website + Shop
Lisa Congdon on Etsy

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