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Cabin Fiber Co. | Meet Brenda: Maker of Fab New Stitch Markers

July 19, 2017

Today’s Featured Maker is just starting out in her field, and we think you’ll totally love her!  Meet Brenda: the maker behind Cabin Fiber Co!  Frequently made from found objects (like shells), her stitch markers are the perfect balance between pretty and practical.  See Brenda’s story below, and please follow her on Instagram and Etsy!  We are so excited to see her new business growing!

cabin fiber co meet the maker

Tell us about who you are and what you make/sell!

I am an artist in the sense that I am always making something. Always creating. I am in love with my husband, my kiddos, the outdoors, gardening, hiking, animals… anything to do with nature, and knitting!

Knitting keeps my hands moving! It passes the times my husband is away, or relaxes my mind at night before passing out. I typically have a project bag in my purse at all times. Usually something small like socks or a cowl.

cabin fiber co stitch markers for knitting

One day my two littles found my stash of stitch markers and lost every last one during their play… Naturally, I needed to make myself more stitch markers. All I had were some left over jump rings, very tiny shells I had just found on the beach and a broken stone bead necklace. After a few friends saw my “makeshift” markers, they encouraged me to sell them. So CabinFiberCo came to be!

cabin fiber co workspace

Where do you work? From home? Do you have a studio space?

I work from home! Right now I have a little desk that serves as my workstation. As I expand and start diving into the fiber dying world I plan to move into a studio space we have out back.

How/when did you fall in love with the yarn world? Did someone teach you, or are you self-taught?

I was first taught how to knit as a little girl. Played with it here and there, but never “dove in”… until I was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago. I had been sick, tired, and an utter wreck for three years after having two babies back to back (13 months apart{gasp}). So that sick, tired, wreck, thing was chalked up to motherhood. 🙂 Literally the toughest job out there. Once I was diagnosed however, I learned that my body was actual three years into a battle with cancer and surgery was in order to remove the large mass growing in me. They mentioned I would be in bed for several weeks after, so I thought about a project to work on while recovering.

cabin fiber co stitch markers for knits

The Alpaca Blanket! ^^

I dug through an old box, found some knitting needles and picked up some amazingly soft baby alpaca to make a blanket. 4 colors later it became my $230 blanket that my children and husband tried to keep stealing from each other and I was starting to recover. This was almost two years ago now. I have plunged into make mode. Sweaters, mittens, scarfs, shawls, shirts, cowls, blankets… and of course stitch markers.

cabin fiber co stitch markers made by hand

Where can we shop for your products?

My stitch markers are currently at “Monarch Knitting ” our local yarn shop in Pacific Grove, CA, and you can also find them on Etsy. I am hoping to put them in a few more stores soon! (Shop owners can contact me through Insta or Etsy!)

What are some of your favorite materials/tools?

Oh, natural shells and stone! It’s so much fun to mix the sets. I have enjoyed learning about the different types of stone as well, and I try to put a little paragraph about each stone on the Etsy listings for those who are interested.

What are your other hobbies?

I am “that crazy chicken lady” on the street. We have 20 right now… and planning on more. We currently have hens that lay tan, brown, blue, green, pink, olive, dark chocolate, and dark mustard colored eggs. Basically, it’s Easter every time the kids collect the eggs 🙂
I love to hike too!

What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever made and then sold/given/traded?

Oh man, probably the cute pair of fingerless gloves I made a friend. They were simple, three toned, superwash merino and I kept trying them on… haha, They almost didn’t make it to her for Christmas…. 😬

cabin fiber co stitch markers

Do you have any fibre-crushes? People who inspire you?

I am greatly inspired by all of the makers. Truly, I learn so much from talking and watching the other women and men who run their own little business. @hannaontheroad who is working on her pattern book WOODS, was one of my first partners for FibreShare. We have kept in touch and it has been so, so fun to watch her jump head first into her own business and SUCCEED! (Well done friend)
I absolutely admire what she has created.

cabin fiber co stitch markers

Do you have any favorite fibre books?

I couldn’t pick a favorite! There are so many pattern books out there right now that are just spot on.

Any new skills/products you’re excited to be developing right now?

I will continue to find new and different stones… I am also hoping to add my hand dyed yarns in the near future! So stay tuned!

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