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Anatomy of a FibreShare Package

FibreShare Package sent by Beth Meyer

Anatomy of a FibreShare Package | Knitting Edition

Looking for inspo while curating your FibreShare package?  Here’s a breakdown of a package sent by our Co-Host Beth Meyer (@ugly_hank)!  She participated in the knitting category and sent a blend of artisan knitting yarns + a big skein of her own handspun.  Details below!…

August 8, 2017
Example FibreShare Package for Spinners by Melanie of Bakewell Hearts

Anatomy of a Share Package for Spinners | Melanie of Bakewell Hearts

We love the variety of fluffy textures in this collection by Melanie of Bakewell Hearts!  But we especially enjoy how much of her own stash made it into this example package for spinners.  Melanie has a gorgeous shop filled with rolags, art bats, etc.,…

June 18, 2015