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Ashley Tries It

tapestry weaving companion by vanessa lauria

Ashley Tries It | “Tapestry Weaving Companion” by Vanessa Lauria

Co-Host Ashley is here today to share her impressions of a handy weaving booklet by Vanessa Lauria of Pidge Pidge!  After you’ve read this review, we’re betting you’ll be keen to visit Pidge Pidge for more.  Find her Etsy shop here, and follow her…

May 24, 2017
weaving by ashley l thurman handspun yarn by alexmade

Ashley Tries It | Handspun Yarn by Alex Made

Our founder Ashley Thurman is back today reviewing some scrumptious handspun yarns by Australian spinner: “Alex Made!”  You can find Alex’s yarns on Etsy here, and we definitely recommend you follow her yarny adventures on Instagram.  But first, read below for Ashley’s full review.…

May 10, 2017

Ashley Tries It: Billie Jean Yarn from Wool and the Gang

It’s time for another installment of “Ashley Tries It,” in which our FibreShare Founder, Ashley Thurman, shares the scoop on rad fibres and tools.  Read on for her rave review of the infamous “Billie Jean Yarn” by Wool and the Gang.  We’ve featured their…

December 9, 2016

Ashley Tries It: The Loome

We’re having so much fun with this new blog series called “Ashley Tries It,” in which our FibreShare Founder, Ashley Thurman, tries awesome fibres + fibre tools  toys. Today she shares the scoop on super cool multitools by the Loome.  We’ve featured them before, and…

October 4, 2016
BQueen Collection Natural Dye Box

Ashley Tries It: Natural Dye Box by BQueen Collection

We’re pretty pumped about this new series called “Ashley Tries It,” and hope you’ll love it, too!  Our first installment is a review of BQueen Collection‘s new Natural Dye Boxes.  Read on as Ashley Thurman (our FibreShare Founder) discusses her thoughts on the BQueen experience.  Spoiler…

June 27, 2016
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