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Woolen Boon Hand Dyed Yarn by Sonya Brazell

Sonya Brazell of Woolen Boon: Indie Dyer of Magical Yarns

Meet Sonya Brazell: our newest Featured Maker, and an Indie Dyer you NEED to know.  Sonya opened shop under the name “Woolen Boon” last year (2016), and her brand has already exploded in popularity.  We’ve seen dozens of FibreShare packages containing her hand-dyed yarns,…

February 24, 2017
naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword maggie howe

Maggie Howe | Spinner + Dyer of “Girl With a Sword”

Today’s Featured Maker is Maggie of “Girl With a Sword!”  If you’re not yet familiar with her work, get ready to follow her spinning and dyeing adventures.  Her Instagram feed is a whirlwind of texture and color, with a focus on natural dyes + local…

February 15, 2017

Weaving Adventures with Ellen Bruxvoort in Ayacucho, Peru

We have an epic guest on our blog today: the super talented weaver, Ellen Bruxvoort!  You may remember seeing her featured in our Fibre Spaces series last year, and she’s back to share a detailed story of her trip to Ayacucho, Peru.  (Heads up: this…

February 8, 2017
Paula Moel View Yarn Naturally Dyed Yarns British Luxury Yarn and Wool

Paula of Moel View Yarn: Natural Dyer + Dreamer

Please welcome our newest Featured Maker: Paula Goosen of Moel View Yarn!  We’ve been following the development of Paula’s shop over the last year, and it has truly blossomed into a natural dyeing wonderland.  Her gorgeous homeland is her creative inspiration, so the photos…

January 30, 2017
Hanna Lisa Haferkamp of Hanna On the Road Project Bags 1

Hanna Lisa Haferkamp: Glorious Project Bags for Knit & Crochet

Our new Featured Maker is Hanna Lisa of @hannaontheroad: knitter, sewist, and creative boss coach!  Her project bags are a beautiful blend of form and function, thanks to her signature design that prevents yarn from tangling as you knit/crochet!  Whaaaat?! We highly recommend you follow…

January 25, 2017