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Hanna Lisa Haferkamp of Hanna On the Road Project Bags 1

Hanna Lisa Haferkamp: Glorious Project Bags for Knit & Crochet

Our new Featured Maker is Hanna Lisa of @hannaontheroad: knitter, sewist, and creative boss coach!  Her project bags are a beautiful blend of form and function, thanks to her signature design that prevents yarn from tangling as you knit/crochet!  Whaaaat?! We highly recommend you follow…

January 25, 2017
String Harvest

Monday Makers | Megan and Cass of String Harvest

  For today’s round of Monday Makers we bring to you Megan and Cass of String Harvest! 1. We started String Harvest in November last year as a way of showcasing all the other interesting, natural fibres you can use in craft and making,…

April 13, 2015