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FibreShare Package by Lesley Denny

Anatomy of a FibreShare Package | Spinning Edition with Lesley Denny

Looking for inspo while curating your FibreShare package? Here’s a breakdown of a package sent by FibreShare participant: Lesley Denny (@lesleyynned). She participated in the spinning category and sent the sweetest array of hand-dyed and handspun gifts. This package is a perfect example of…

November 13, 2017
weaving by ashley l thurman handspun yarn by alexmade

Ashley Tries It | Handspun Yarn by Alex Made

Our founder Ashley Thurman is back today reviewing some scrumptious handspun yarns by Australian spinner: “Alex Made!”  You can find Alex’s yarns on Etsy here, and we definitely recommend you follow her yarny adventures on Instagram.  But first, read below for Ashley’s full review.…

May 10, 2017
naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword maggie howe

Maggie Howe | Spinner + Dyer of “Girl With a Sword”

Today’s Featured Maker is Maggie of “Girl With a Sword!”  If you’re not yet familiar with her work, get ready to follow her spinning and dyeing adventures.  Her Instagram feed is a whirlwind of texture and color, with a focus on natural dyes + local…

February 15, 2017
This Fancy Yarn Spin Along

Dani of This Fancy Yarn: Host of Art Yarn Spin-Alongs

Our guest today is the ever-clever and mega talented spinner: Danielle McEachern!!  (Although you probably know her better as Dani, over on her Instagram feed: @thisfancyyarn.)  We’ve been loving all Dani’s “spin-alongs” (SAL for short); her topics are fun and fresh, and we love…

July 11, 2016
Aleks Dok of Spindles and Stitches

Aleks Dok of Spindles and Stitches

Our featured maker today is Aleks of Spindles and Stitches!  We’re not sure which we love more: her witty persona or gorgeous spinning fibers… so we’ll just settle on saying we really dig her whole vibe!  Read on to get Aleks’s story firsthand, and swing…

June 30, 2016
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