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Purl and Loop bracelet weaving kit

Purl & Loop | Meet Angela: Toolmaker, Weaver, Felter

Our newest Featured Maker is Angela from Purl & Loop: a US company that handcrafts weaving and felting tools.  We’re really keen to try out their new bracelet loom and are impressed with the many kits they offer for beginner weavers!  Check out their…

June 7, 2017

Andrea from Loom & Spindle

Today’s Featured Maker is Andrea of Loom & Spindle (@loom_and_spindle)!  We’ve admired her weaving kits for ages, and love hearing more about her life behind-the-scenes.  Not surprisingly, she’s a super relatable and lovely person, with an inspiring story on achieving dreams while still rockin’…

January 16, 2017

Carolina Ossa: Fibre-Queen of HelloChiqui

Full disclosure: we might be a little totally enamored with HelloChiqui.  It’s a one-woman business run by Carolina Ossa, weaver and macrame queen extraordinaire.  She sells really great tool kits for weaving + macrame, as well as her own original fiber artwork. But wait!…

January 6, 2017

Vilasinee of The Loome

Our Featured Maker today is Vilasinee Bunnag: co-inventor of The Loome!  If you’ve not yet heard of The Loome, prepare to have your mind blown.  This simple tool can make tons of hip projects, from tassels to pom poms to friendship bracelets.  It’s perfect for…

July 18, 2016