Discount Code Submission

Dear FibreFriends,

Time to create those discount codes that we all love!! As you may know, during every round of FibreShare, we facilitate a universal discount code so indie shops can connect with our participants.

We then pick a select number of those shops to be listed on our website’s Discount Code Page. So if you’d like to be listed, please apply below. If you don’t care to be listed, you are still welcome to set up a code (details below) and promote it with your own followers. 😀

We LOVE supporting your small businesses, and look forward to seeing your applications! Please apply by Saturday, January 26th. Thank you!

Ashley and Beth
The FibreShare Team

In the last round of sharing, our discount code page received:

5,461 UNIQUE VISITORS and 12,075 PAGEVIEWS ♥  

That’s a LOT of yarn lovers who want to connect with YOU! Submit your application below.

How to Set Up Your Discount Code:

  2. Set the amount: Percentage of your choice
  3. Set the timeframe: Feb. 4th – Feb. 28th
  4. Let your followers know about your discount!
  5. Optional: Apply below to be listed on our web page

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