DIY Festive Friendship Bracelet by Becka Wright

July 11, 2019

Becka Wright is a crochet designer, maker and business coach, and the face behind Renee & Burt. Becka loves nothing more than creating things out of reclaimed materials to wear and display in the home. She blogs over at where she shares lots of fun tutorials and patterns, as well as creative and sustainable advice and inspiration.

When Becka offered to create this festival inspired friendship bracelet tutorial for us we knew we were in for a treat! Keep reading to find out how to make your own beautiful festival inspired Friendship Bracelet!

For this bracelet you will need:

Chunky cotton yarn
10mm crochet hook
Yarn scarps in chunky / super chunky weight (approx. 12cm in length)
Embellishments – pom poms, beads, gems (what ever you fancy)
Yarn Needle

1, First, take your chunky cotton yarn and your 10mm crochet hook and chain stitch the length of your fibre share partner’s wrist, then chain another ten stitches. Fasten off. 

2. Now, reattach your yarn on the sixth stitch and half treble into each stitch, leaving five empty stitches at the end (the five chains on each side of the bracelet is what your Fibre Share partner will use to tie the bracelet around their wrist). Fasten off. Take your yarn needle and weave in all the loose tails.

3. In each of your half trebles attach one of your yarn scraps by folding it in half and securing it around the stitch with a rya knot. Repeat this action with all of the half treble stitches alternating the colours as you wish.

4. Trim all of the ends of your rya knots so that they are all the same length.

5. Finally, its time to embellish your bracelet, with your needle and thread sew on your chosen embellishments onto the middle of the chunky cotton bracelet and secure with a knot.

You have now created a beautiful festival inspired summer friendship bracelet that is as unique as your fibre share partner!

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