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October 2, 2015


diy halloween weaving darling weavings

We fell head over heels with a skull weaving spotted on Tanisha Jangehino’s Instagram feed (@darlingweavings).  And as luck would have it, Tanisha agreed to share all her tips + tricks for making your own!  Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to make DIY Halloween Weaving, and don’t forget to swing by the Darling Weavings Insta feed  + Etsy shop as well!  Tanisha is the most darling person, just like her weavings 😉


DIY Halloween Weaving Tutorial by Tanisha of Darligh Weavings

Hi there!  I’m Tanisha of @darlingweavings and I’m here to give you a few tips to make a fun painted weaving.  You can pretty much paint anything you want on yours, but since it’s nearly Halloween, I’m showing you a skull & crossbones. The one I chose for my original one is the logo for the punk band Teenage Bottlerocket because it was a gift for my husband and seeing them live was our first date (insert “awws” here ).  For this tutorial, I’m just doing a simple clip art skull.  But you can really print or draw anything!


What You’ll Need:

DIY Halloween Weaving Tutorial by Tanisha of Darligh Weavings
– loom (mine is homemade)
– plain 100% cotton yarn (I used Sugar and Cream brand, but any non-linty, non-slippery cotton yarn should work)
– scissors
– weaving needle (upholstery needle)
– fork or other beating instrument
– acrylic paint
– a few paint brushes (whichever kinds you like)
– a Sharpie or marker
– stick or dowel to hang it
– a glass of wine (optional, but it helps )


Step 1: Create the Weaving

(Slide for Step-By-Step Pictures)

Make a very basic, simple weave. My first one was 9″ x 7″ (without fringe)  and my second one is a little baby weave,  3″ x 3″.

The world is your oyster when it comes to all the variation you can achieve.

My tip for making super straight edges is to pull the last warp strand while you are beating that row down.  (see picture #2 in slider)


Step 2: Trace the Skull + Crossbones

(Slide for Step-By-Step Pictures)

Leave your weaving on the loom as you draw and paint!  The paint will make it stiff so it won’t get wonky when you take it off the loom.

Take your picture cut out and place it on the weaving.  I just held mine in place as I traced the pattern with the marker. You can also just design any pattern directly on the weaving.  Don’t worry about the details yet, we’ll add them after the main portion is painted.


Step 3: Paint the Weaving

(Slide for Step-By-Step Pictures)

After tracing your pattern onto the weaving, you can begin painting.  I just used regular acrylic paint and two of my favorite brushes (a large one for the main portion and a small one for details).  It’s super easy and the paint covers very well.

After painting the main silhouette, I go into it with a smaller flat brush to freehand the eyes and nose.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!  To get in between the teeth, you can use your Sharpie.


Step 4: Touch Up

After the paint dries, go back over any spots that need more coverage.



Step 5: Finish the Weaving

diy halloween weaving darling weavings

Take it off the loom and sew it onto your stick or dowel.

Note: if you want to do a fringe, you can do Rya loops before you begin weaving or like I did on this one (pictured), just thread some yarn through the holes from the loom.

That’s it!  Easy peasy!!!

Thanks so much Tanisha for sharing this sweet weaving!  And for all you readers, please remember to swing by Tanisha’s Instagram + Etsy shop to say hi!

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