DIY Handwoven Necklace | by LeeAnn of LeeLeeYazz

August 19, 2015

We’ve got a special guest today: LeeAnn from LeeLeeYazz (@leeleeyazz)!  She’s got some great tips on making your own handwoven necklace from SCRATCH, and we love that she works with such simple, accessible materials.  Read on and weave away!


DIY Handwoven Necklace

This is my version of a simple woven necklace. There are many types out there in all shapes, sizes and skill levels; this one can be made by anyone with basic weaving knowledge. You can purchase woven necklaces online, but why when you can make your own?!


-12″ piece of wood (give or take)
-A handful of nails
-A hammer
-Round Nose Pliers
-A fork
-Tapestry needle
-Cotton warp string
-Yarn for weaving

Step One: Make a loom (or use one you already have.) Mine is a 12″ pre-cut poplar piece of wood from the hardware store. I nailed in a few nails ¼ inch apart for a tighter weave. I chose to make mine double-sided, but it’s not necessary.

Step Two: Gather your supplies & warp your loom.  I used cotton warp & wool and cotton yarns. I tried to pick basic colors that would match anything in my wardrobe, but you could pick anything you want, go crazy!  Also, if you have any on hand, pick out some beads, jewels, charms, anything to embellish your necklace with! I chose turquoise and a dichroic glass. You might also want eye pins and round nose pliers to help you attach a string, chain, hemp or leather string to the weaving when you are done.

Step Three: Start weaving! Do a basic weave, when you are finished cut it off the loom and tuck in your ends, as you would in a bigger weave.  Mine measures about 4” total and that includes the fringe. To attach the beads, I used a needle and thread. Basically thread the string through the bead and the weaving to the back, then tie a knot & tuck in your ends.  Attach the eye pin to the top (as you would a dowel rod/tree branch in a bigger weave.) Attach your choice of string to the ends of the eye pin, and there you have a simple BUT beautiful necklace…that you made yourself! Now go show it off!

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