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Dunn Spunn | Meet Katelyn: Teacher and Fiber Artist from Tennessee

May 17, 2017

This week’s Featured Maker is Katelyn Dunn of Dunn Spunn!  She has a studio space in Cookeville, Tennessee where she teaches classes and creates funky textured batts and other fiber art.  (If any of you #fibrefriends live in TN, you should definitely swing by for a visit.)  Read on for a look into Katelyn’s joyful creative process, and remember to visit her Instagram feed + Etsy shop for more fluffy fun!

Dunn Spunn Hand Dyed Fiber

Tell us about who you are and what you make/sell!

My name is Katelyn Dunn and my favorite way of describing what I do is, I play with fluff! I am a spinner, dyer, weaver, knitter, felter, and fiber fanatic! I teach classes on different fiber art techniques and sell some of my work as well. I would say I am most known for my colorful and textured art batts.

Where do you work? From home? Do you have a studio space?

I have a little studio in Cookeville, TN where I teach my classes and work on my own projects. My studio is packed full of color and whimsy with floor to ceiling shelves of fiber. It is definitely my happy place.

Dunn Spunn Fiber Art Studio

How/when did you fall in love with the yarn world? Did someone teach you, or are you self-taught?

I first discovered fiber arts when I was in the sixth grade. I was a very anxious child with a lot of extra energy. I was having a particularly bad day when my mom took me to a yarn shop to try and distract me. Neither of us knew anything about fiber art, but we had always wanted to stop in the shop and see what it was all about. They were about to close up for the night, but when the owner saw my tear streaked face she decide to keep her shop open a little longer. I remember her exact words to me were “Oh honey! You just need to knit!” She sat me down and taught me right then and there how to knit. She was a gift from God and her kindness changed my life. Knitting gave me a place to put all of my nervous energy and helped me to find peace. After learning to knit, I had to find out everything I could about fiber arts and it “spun” out of control from there. To this day, anytime I feel anxious I pick up a pair of needles or go to my spinning wheel and the worry just melts away.

Dunn Spunn Corespun Art Yarn

Where can we shop for your products?

You can find my products on Etsy, my Website, or by coming to the shop for a visit!

What are some of your favorite materials/tools?

I couldn’t do anything without my drum carder! It is probably my most used tool in the studio. And as far as favorite materials, I have an unhealthy obsession with kid mohair curls. I have a stash of the most gorgeous curls I pull out to admire whenever I need a fiber fix.

Dunn Spunn Fiber Studio Carder for Spinning

What are your other hobbies?

Outside of fiber arts, I enjoy playing the ukulele and I have one with me wherever I go. I am also heavily involved in the dance community. I am a swing dancer, ballroom dancer, and traditional Irish Step dancer. If I’m not playing with fluff I’m probably dancing or playing the ukulele.

What is one of your favorite things you’ve ever made and then sold/given/traded?

That is a tough question! I have a habit of becoming attached to a lot of my work. I love stories and as I am making a felted creature or art batt or shawl, I like to imagine stories about them or what they may become. I think parting with my felted animals is the hardest because by the time they are finished, I have a whole life story made up for them. But luckily, the fiber community is filled with beautiful people and I know they have all gone to good homes.

elephant fiber art dunn spunn

Do you have any fibre-crushes? People who inspire you?

Esther Rodgers. She is my fiber idol, hands down. Her batts are filled with color and texture and so much sparkle! She is always coming up with new ideas and techniques and she’s just an all around awesome human being! She is
such an inspiration to me and has always been so encouraging to me as well.

Do you have any favorite fibre books?

I love all of Lexi Boeger’s books! They have always brought me inspiration and they are full of great tips on different spinning techniques.

Any new skills/products you’re excited to be developing right now?

I go in creative waves when it comes to what I’m making. Right now I have been playing with cloth art dolls and I’m having a blast! Sewing is a little out of my comfort zone and it has been fun trying to stretch myself.

Dunn Spunn Logo

Dunn Spunn Visiting Alpaca

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