NEW: Q. Will You Share My Address?

No! It will be your responsibility to privately share your address with your partner. We created a new policy effective June 26, 2019, to no longer gather/distribute addresses or phone numbers. This way, in the rare case that you felt unsafe or uncomfortable with your assigned partner(s), you can rest easy that your information hasn't been compromised.

If you feel that either of your partners are unsafe choices, please contact us ASAP so we can reassign you, or if need be, send you a package ourselves!

Q. What is FibreShare?

A. FibreShare is an online fiber community that facilitates international yarn swaps.

Q. Who can participate?

A. Anyone can participate, but everyone must first meet some requirements:
-You must have a valid Instagram account
-You must have a valid email address
-You must register on our website to be a participant of each share

Q. Do I need to spin or dye my own fiber to participate?

A. No. Most of us haven’t a clue how to spin or dye our own fiber…but we sure enjoy collecting it!

Q. Are we required to purchase new fibers or can we share fibers from our stash?

A. The only requirements are to send a minimum of 200g of fiber/yarn to your partner by the deadline. We don’t mind if you purchase your goodies new or grab them from your own stash. We do encourage everyone though to try and send something they know their partner will love (If they only use natural fibers, don’t send acrylic, etc.)

Q. Is there a spending limit?

YES! We are now *suggesting* that everyone keeps their package's total value under $100 USD. This does not include shipping costs. We (the FibreShare Team) each have a budget of $100 for our own packages, which we feel is more than generous. We want FibreShare to stay approachable for everyone, including ourselves 🙂 So please consider keeping your package under this new spending limit. Thank you!

Q. Where do I sign up to participate?

A. You must sign up on our website, on the page called “Sign Up.”

Q. When do I need to register?

A. The exact dates change throughout the year, but we generally have a share scheduled quarterly. Announcements will be posted on Instagram and on our website. We also send announcements via email, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list on the home-page.

Q. How much does it cost to participate?

The sign up fee is $8.00 USD.  You will be prompted to pay at the end of your sign up form.

Q. Why is there a participation fee?

A. There are 3 big reasons:
1.  To cover the cost of replacement packages
2.  To help pay for our time spent organizing and maintaining FibreShare
3.  To ensure that all participants are truly invested in curating awesome FibreShare packages!

Q. If I participated in the last swap, do I need to sign up all over again to participate in future shares?

A. Yes, sign up is required with every new share.  When you sign up, it is only to participate in one round of FibreShare.  You are never automatically signed up to participate again in the future.

Q. How many partners do I get?

A. You will receive two partners. One partner will send yarn to you. One partner will receive yarn from you. We do this for two reasons:
1.  So we won’t have to worry about an odd # of signups
2.  So you can get to know two new fibre-friends!

Q. Can I sign up to share with multiple sets of partners?

A. No. You may only sign up one time per active share. Don’t worry – you’ll have a chance to be matched with all sorts of fibre-friends in future shares.

Q. How are we matched up?

You will be carefully matched by shipping preferences, craft preferences, skill level, and fiber philosophy.

*Please note: Not all matches are made in heaven.  Matches are subject to the number of sign ups we receive with the same selections.  While the chances are slim and we will do everything in our power to prevent it, you could be matched up with someone who practices a different craft or has a different fiber philosophy.  Thank you for your understanding!

Q. When will I receive my partner information?

Partner Information is generally sent out about a week after the sign-up deadline. Information is sent out in batches, so don’t be alarmed if you see others receiving their information before you do. We will be posting announcements about this process on Instagram, and we will also be emailing you along the way. …Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Q. Should I introduce myself to my partner?

A. Yes! We STRONGLY encourage you to reach out to both of your partners on Instagram and get to know them. Remember – FibreShare is at it’s most basic a yarn swap – but it’s so much more than that. Use this time to make new friends and share your craft, too!

Q. I’ve received my partners’ information, now what do I do?

A. It’s time to get to work! First and foremost, take some time to read through the information they provided during sign-ups to get an idea of their likes/dislikes. Next, introduce yourself to your partner(s), and start stalking their Instagram feeds (in the least creepy way possible, please!) to get a feel for their aesthetic. Last, it’s time to start getting to work curating a share package for your new fibre-friend! Remember, the minimum requirement is to send 200 grams of fibre, but the sky is the limit!



Q. Am I required to ship internationally?

A. Yes and no. When you register, you will have the option to ship domestically or internationally. However, this is a preference, not a guarantee. If there are not enough participants signed up in your country, there is a possibility that you’ll be matched against your preference.

Q. Will I be responsible for duties or fees on the package I receive from my partner?

A. YES. The receiver is responsible for all fees at the time of delivery. Please consult your local post office for details. FibreShare is not able to give advice on local postage duties or fees.

Q. Do I need to purchase tracking?

A. Yes and no. It’s always best to have tracking information in case your package is lost in the mail. If your package does get lost in the mail, you must be able to prove to us that you sent your package. If you cannot, you will be banned from future FibreShares.

Q. Do I need to purchase tracking for international shipping?

A. No! We realize that is super expensive, or sometimes it’s not even an option. If you are shipping internationally, please keep the receipt from your customs form. Bottom line: we can usually tell when someone is telling the truth! Please just be prepared to show proof in the case of a missing package.

Q. Can I ship from an online retailer straight to my partner?

A. Of course! We do however encourage you to send a postcard or letter as well for that personal touch.

Q. I live close to my partner; can I deliver their goodies personally to save on the cost of shipping?

A. Sure! But you must have prior permission from your partner. Let’s be honest – showing up unannounced on some stranger’s doorstep is a little creepy and doing so can cause you to lose your eligibility for all future FibreShares. If your partner consents to receive their package in person, we recommend meeting in a public setting – perhaps at a local coffee house over a freshly brewed cuppa? Safety first, kids!

Q. Can you advise me about VAT, taxes, duties, or other fees?

A. Unfortunately no: we’re not experts in this area, as shipping fees vary widely from country to county.  Our best advice is to always mark your package as a “gift” when filling out the customs form.  And you’re welcome to ask your FibreShare partner directly for tips on how to best ship a package to her/his specific country.   Of course, when in doubt, you should consult your local post office as well



Q. Am I required to use my real name?

A. Yes. This is a postal service requirement. Please use your real name to avoid complications. Rest assured, we will only share your information with your partner and only during swaps in which you are an active participant with us.

Q. I want to send a thank you note to the partner who sent me my share-package; can you give me their mailing address?

A. No, we don't gather or distribute addresses as of Summer 2019. If you’d like to send a thank you note, please contact that partner directly for their address.  You can also look for their return address on your package in the mail 😉



Q. I wasn’t matched for an exchange. Why not?

A. You have to sign up for every new share from scratch. If you missed the deadline to sign up, you will not be matched. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to be the first to know about sign-ups deadlines.  Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email receipt confirming your submission and answers.

Q. I’m not happy with who I was matched up with – Can I get a new partner?

A. No. Once matching is complete we do not make changes. Please keep in mind, FibreShare is more about sharing than about receiving. Plus, there will be other opportunities to be matched with other partners during future shares.


Q. What happens if I do not receive a share package?

A. Please send us an email asap so we can discuss other options, or arrange a replacement package for your partner.


Q. I signed up for the current Share, but am no longer able to send a package to my partner. What should I do?

A. Please send us an email asap so we can discuss other options, or arrange a replacement package for your partner.


Q. What happens if I don’t fulfill my obligation and fail to send a share-package to my partner?

A. We strongly encourage you to reach out by email if you’re having difficulties before the deadline, because we do want to work with you in the case of a true emergency. However, when you register to participate in FibreShare you are making a solid commitment, and we expect you to follow through on that commitment. Therefore, if your partner does not receive a package, and you cannot provide sufficient proof that you mailed the package, you will be banned from participating in all future swaps.


Q. The shipping deadline is approaching, but I haven’t received my package yet.

A. All participants have until the deadline to post their share-package. The deadline will be announced via email and Instagram posts for each round of FibreShare.  Also, if the package was sent internationally, it could still be another few weeks before your package arrives on your doorstep. When in doubt – just ask your partner. We announce instructions on when to report a missing package – but please do not send us emails before that time.


Q. My partner said my share-package will be late. Should I wait to report a missing package?

If your package is still missing when we ask for that information please let us know at that time by sending us an email.


Q. I don’t like the share-package I received. What can I do?

A. While we sincerely hope everyone gets a package they love and will enjoy creating with, we realize this isn’t always the case. Here are a few of the most common scenarios we hear about:

The yarn/fiber they sent me is smelly. What should I do?

Thank your partner for their generosity, but ultimately we recommend a careful wash and dry – or perhaps a lavender sachet?  In the rare case the yarn is not usable, please send us an email privately, and we’ll see what we can do.

I have no use for this fiber/I don’t use this type of yarn.

Thank your partner for their generosity and remember we are all at different levels of knowledge and skill. Your partner may still be learning. You can always regift during the next share or donate to us to use for replacement packages – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Q. I sent my package to my partner ages ago, but they haven’t acknowledged or thanked me for it yet. What should I do?

We recommend trying to get in contact with your partner to make sure your package was received. If they don’t respond, at least we know you’re awesome, right?



Q. I want to donate extra yarn/fiber for replacement packages – how can I do that?

A. We would be happy to take it off your hands! Please send us an email to make arrangements.

Q. I’m a supplier and want to discuss sponsorship opportunities by offering free or discounted yarn/fibre for replacement packages – how can I do that?

A. YESS! We love free and discounted yarn! Please send us an email to make arrangements.

Q. Where can I see the other share-packages that have been received?

A. Take a few minutes and scroll through our dedicated hashtag on Instagram, #fibreshare for package inspiration. We also have a page on our website called “Previous FibreShares” where you can find example photos.


Q. I missed the sign ups. Can I still get involved?

A. Yes & No. Unfortunately once sign ups are closed, you will have to wait until the next open sign up period to participate in an active swap. But if you’d like to donate yarn/fiber for replacement packages please send us an email to make arrangements. Otherwise, there are all kinds of opportunities to get involved with FibreShare without swapping. Sign up for our newsletter and find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find out what we’re up to and join in on the discussion!

Q. Can I make a suggestion for the next share?

A. Of course! Send us an email or head on over to our contact page to submit your suggestion.


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