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Fibre Spaces | Elin Norén of Heroic Acorn

May 12, 2016

Today we’re featuring the Fibre Space of Elin Norén: weaver of Heroic Acorn! If you’re not yet familiar with Elin’s work, you definitely want to be. Her skillful work is both striking and inspiring, and we just adore her custom animal tapestries!! Read on for a peek into her cozy workspace, and afterwards be sure to swing by her shop and instagram feed for more weaving goodness!

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Fiber-Arts.

Hello! My name is Elin and I live in Gothenburg in Sweden. I’m a weaver, but I also have a degree in design engineering and will soon start my master studies in interaction design. I have always loved to create and craft, but I never really got hooked on anything – until I tried out weaving one and a half years ago. At that point I had recently taken a break in my studies due to me having a stressful time and lack of motivation. Because of the break I suddenly had a lot of free time and I started spending all my days weaving. It felt so wonderful to work with my hands and to see the weavings evolve in front of me.

I’m so glad I found weaving and it has meant a real change in my life. I now have something that I love doing and I know I’m capable of creating beautiful work with my hands. My newly found interest in fibers also lead to me spending an amazing semester in northern Sweden studing textile design.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Give us a brief history of your workspace/studio and how it has evolved over time.

When I started weaving me and my boyfriend lived in a quite small student apartment. My loom and fibres kind of took over the place and it quickly got messy. Just a few months ago we moved to an almost twice as large apartment and I finally have some real space for my equipment. My studio is in our living room where my fibres and equipment are placed. However, I don’t have a designated spot in my apartment where I’m always weaving but I’m usually alternating between standing by my easel or sitting in my kitchen sofa.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Can you give us a glimpse into a typical day in your studio?

A typical day, or maybe more the ideal day, I start the morning by weaving, drinking coffee and listening to podcasts. Shortly thereafter I’m going through my checklist of things to do, such as answering emails, planning the week or updating my Etsy shop. After I’ve been productive enough I can continue my weaving in peace for the rest of the day. Some time during the day I like to take a walk in the forest and maybe do some yoga.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Name a tool you cannot live without and why.

When I’m weaving I mostly only use my hands, but one tool I wouldn’t be able manage without is a tapestry needle. I use the tapestry needle to tuck in ends on the back and to weave very detailed and small parts. I also use it if I want to add a line of yarn afterwards somewhere in the weaving.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Is there a piece of equipment or fiber you own that is special to you? Can you tell us the story on how you acquired it?

A lot of the fibres I used when I began weaving were originally from my grandparents, stored at my parents house without anyone using them. These yarns will always be something special to me and are extra difficult to use since I know I won’t be able to get more. My loom is special to me as well, a friend brought it to me from her grandmother who wanted the loom to be used. I love this loom and it has opened a lot of possibilites for what I can do with my weavings.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

Can you give us a glimpse into your storage situation?

At the moment I don’t have a very systematic storage situation but it works for now since I did a cleanup before moving and don’t have a huge stash of fibres. The fibres are mostly organized by size, with the hulkiest yarn in a wooden box, smaller ones in carton boxes and the tiniest ball of yarns in a small box so that they don’t dissapear among the bigger yarns. The warp cones are stored in one box and pure wool in an other box. I also have a glass jar where I store yarn ends while weaving, hoping to make use of them in a future weaving. But I’m dreaming of one day having a huge fibre stash with mostly linen and wool yarn organized by color.

heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

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heroic acorn elin norin custom animal weaving

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