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Fibre Spaces: Ellen Bruxvoort

June 13, 2016

Our Fibre Space guest today is weaver and goddess-of-neutral-palettes: Ellen Bruxvoort!  We loved getting a photo tour of her home-studio space, and learning more about her as a fiber artist.  Read below to meet Ellen, then hop over to her website/instagram to see her incredibly elegant weaving work! Thank you Ellen for sharing your space with us!

Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Fiber-Arts.

I “dropped out” of college in 2013 because I lost interest in the advertising degree that I had been pursuing for 3 years and I felt a little lost and thirsty for a new direction. At that time, I had a curiosity about weaving that lead to some good ol’ fashioned YouTube education and everything has been self-taught since then. I would love to go back to school for fiber arts and textile design, but Austin doesn’t really have much to offer in that realm so I’m doing my best to challenge myself and continue learning on my own.
Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Give us a brief history of your workspace/studio and how it has evolved over time.

When I started weaving, I was using completely DIY materials: picture frames, plywood, forks, nails, etc. I didn’t even have a desk in my room so I was just weaving on my bed and storing yarn in random piles around my room. Six months later, I built myself a little desk and eventually moved into a new apartment where I converted the dining room into my home studio. That was kindof a milestone for me. I found that arranging myself a creative space really allowed me to get in the right mindset and work more seamlessly.
Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Can you give us a glimpse into a typical day in your studio?

Well, seeing as my studio is literally 3 steps away from my kitchen, a perfect morning usually means I make myself breakfast and coffee, do the dishes, pick a podcast, sit down at my desk, and start weaving. I have a big piece of butcher paper in my studio where I keep a running to-do list, so I typically see what needs to get done and whittle away at it. There are pros and cons to having a home studio- sometimes I get distracted with other day-to-day things, but it’s also incredibly nice to just be able to make myself food or take a nap whenever it makes sense. I also have a day job and sometimes guilt myself into being too busy on my days off, so allowing time to relax is something I’ve come to appreciate. I typically weaving or sketch at least one thing per day.
Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Name a tool you cannot live without and why.

My Jim Hokett looms have become invaluable to me. Not only is the guy incredibly nice and talented, his looms are just such a gem to work with. They’re simple, portable, and well-made. Not only that, but they’re incredibly affordable. His tools are available to purchase via The Woolery.
Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Is there a piece of equipment or fiber you own that is special to you? Can you tell us the story on how you acquired it?

I have so many fibers that come with a story I think I’ve lost count. Literally every fibreshare package I receive has so much love packed into that it takes me a while to work up to the idea of letting those fibers become weavings. Every so often I’ll post about that stuff on instagram, so if you’re into natural fibers and a lot of neutrals, that’s a good place to find my latest obsessions.
Ellen Beezy - weaver and fiber artist of FibrousATX

Can you give us a glimpse into your storage situation?

When was setting up my current studio, I invested in one of those IKEA wall cabinets that keeps my yarn pretty nicely. That’s probably the bulk of my storage, but I also have little baskets here and there that hold smaller bumps of yarn. As for tools, my most favorite human, Chris Long, makes pottery alongside his studio mate Ryan McKerley and I use some of their pieces to hold supplies on my desk. I’m also most likely drinking coffee out of one of their mugs on any given studio day.

Visit Ellen here:

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