Fibre Spaces

Fibre Spaces | Marie Matter of Wool & Weave

August 14, 2015

Have you ever wanted to peak into the studio of one of your favorite Fiber Artists? Well, now you can with a brand new series exclusive to FibreShare called Fibre Spaces.

Chances are, if you’re a weaver, you can recognize the playful style of Marie Matter from Wool and Weave. Today, she’s giving us a glimpse into the space where her beautiful weaves rich with textures and colors are brought to life. Take it away Marie!

Fibre Spaces: Wool and Weave

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Fiber-Arts.

I’m a born-and-raised Texan, and currently live in Dallas with my husband and our little dog Buddy. Outside of Wool & Weave, I am also a middle school teacher, so there is never a dull moment in my work day! 🙂

My mom taught me how to knit when I was in high school, and throughout college I always had one project or another going on (real talk: it was a LOT of garter stitch scarves). After college I started to delve into new knitting projects like blankets, tote bags, and even a sweater for Buddy that I never did get to fit quite right. All that knitting led me to exploring other fiber arts, and when I taught myself to weave last summer I fell in love immediately and haven’t looked back. There’s something so meditative and calming yet challenging and exciting about weaving!

Fibre Spaces: Wool and Weave

2. Give us a brief history of your workspace/studio and how it has evolved over time.

My husband and I moved into our home about a year and a half ago, and had this little office space we weren’t sure what to do with at the time. When I started weaving more and more last summer, I realized I was going to need a work space to keep everything organized and contained so that I wouldn’t have yarn scraps all over the house anymore. Thankfully, that extra room had tons of windows and amazing natural light, so it has been a perfect place to work.

3. Can you give us a glimpse into a typical day in your studio?

Right now I’m on summer break from school, so I am able to spend many more hours in my studio every day, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I love to weave in the morning light, so I will usually make a cup of tea and get right to work on a project. While I weave, I usually listen to a podcast (This American Life app FTW!) or an audiobook.

Fibre Spaces: Wool and Weave

4. Name a tool you cannot live without and why.

Hands down, my Board & Bread black walnut weaving fork. I love this thing so much – it is truly a work of beauty in its own right! It feels like a treat every time I use it.

5. Is there a piece of equipment or fiber you own that is special to you? Can you tell us the story on how you acquired it?

I recently did a fun project with Melissa of Hey Lady Hey – she sent me some of her beautiful fiber, and I made her a custom weaving for her home. In the box of goodies she sent me was an amazing hand processed CVM and merino blend yarn that she had spun especially for me (it even was tagged with my name!). I wove it into her piece, but I still have a little left and it is so special to me.

Fibre Spaces: Wool and Weave

6. Can you give us a glimpse into your storage situation?

I think I need help in this area! Right now I keep the yarn I’m using for current projects in a big basket on my desk, and the rest is in semi-organized plastic bins. Finished pieces usually live on the walls of my studio before they go onto their new homes. I like to have them around me while I’m working. I spend so much time on each piece, they feel like friends!


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Fibre Spaces: Wool and Weave

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