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FibreShare Announcement!

May 11, 2015

Ashley Thurman here! In lieu of Monday Makers we would like to take a moment to make a special FibreShare announcement. FibreShare is rapidly growing and we fully expect our number of participants for the upcoming share to more than double from the 66 participants who signed up for the March/April share!!! Wowza! As I’m sure you can imagine, planning a swap of this size takes a TON of time and Cherry and I both have families and responsibilities outside of the home… SO …we have decided to bring two more sets of hands to lighten the load and help us execute some of the bigger, long-term goals we have in mind for FibreShare! Please join me in welcoming Rainie from

Please join me in welcoming Rainie from The Unusual Pear (@theunusualpear) – she’ll be the Keeper of the Timeline and Head of Outreach! And also Beth from Ugly Hank (@beth_e_meyer) – she’ll be heading Web and Graphics Development! Cherry and I are thrilled they have accepted and we can’t wait to see what their talent will help us accomplish. Feel free to say “HI!” and introduce yourself in the comments below. Happy Monday!

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