How to Catalog Your Yarn | By Julie Lee Sye of Little Loom

July 17, 2015

Categorizing your Yarn by Julie of Little Loom

First of all, if you haven’t yet discovered the magical wonderland of @little_loom – you’re in for a treat!  Little Loom is all about handcrafted fiber art by Australian weaver: Julie Lee Sye.  When we saw a photo that Julie posted of her yarn catalog book, we knew you’d want in on her genius system!  Thankfully, she is the sweetest gal around and kindly shared some tips on keeping track of your favorite yarns:

Oh hi fibre friends, it’s high time I made a shocking confession….my name is Julie and I am addicted to fibre. Surprising isn’t it. Shameful I know I know but I can’t help myself….I NEED IT. I think about it all the time….sometimes I line it all up, look at adoringly, pat it and then pack it away….oh wow I just realised I sound more like Gollum with “my precious”, yikes!! Ok but seriously, I love yarn. I love it ALOT and decided recently that I needed to start cataloging it so I could keep track of the beautiful fibres that pass through my fingers.

I am also a Virgo so neatness and order are my natural state of being. First I had to figure out how I was going to keep samples, what was going to be an effective, neat and easy way to collect, store and view. Then BOOM brain wave, I’ll use football/ baseball card collecting sheets. I scoured Amazon and eBay, there plenty of choices available. I stopped at my local Newsagents and asked of they had what I was after and huzzah they did (much happiness and internalised clapping of hands at how clever I was).

Most of the yarn I buy comes with a lovely tag with what the fibre is, so I just cut a piece of yarn off and stick it to the tag and that’s it. If the yarn doesn’t have a tag then I just cut a piece of cardboard and write down what it is as soon as I get it so I don’t forget. So simple but such a great way to refer back to yarns. Happy yarn cataloging friends x


Take a peek at Julie’s inspiring feed and follow along with her weaving adventures here: Little Loom on Instagram

Categorizing your Yarn by Julie of Little Loom

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