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When and How to Ship a FibreShare Package

January 3, 2018

The Basics

Each round of FibreShare, your shipping deadline is communicated via email, Instagram posts, and it’s also listed on our website’s home page.  But we’ll list the current round’s deadlines here, too.  Just because we love you 😉

3/28/20: Last Day to Ship (International)
4/11/20: Last Day to Ship (Domestic)

The only shipping requirements are to:

  • Ask your partner for their address (we no longer gather this information for security reasons!)
  • Ship on or before your deadline
  • Keep your postage receipt or customs form in case we need to follow up on a missing package (tracking is not necessary)

To save on shipping cost, we recommend that you:

  • Choose a lightweight bag instead of a box
  • Choose extra goodies that are lightweight (optional)

Are you shipping internationally?

Check out these FAQs to avoid any potential hiccups.

Q. Do I need to purchase tracking for international shipping?
A. No! We realize that is super expensive, or sometimes it’s not even an option. If you are shipping internationally, please keep the receipt from your customs form. Bottom line: we can usually tell when someone is telling the truth! Please just be prepared to show proof in the case of a missing package.

Q. Can you advise me about VAT, taxes, duties, or other fees?
A. Unfortunately no: we’re not experts in this area, as shipping fees vary widely from country to county.  Our best advice is to always mark your package as a “gift” when filling out the customs form.  And you’re welcome to ask your FibreShare partner directly for tips on how to best ship a package to her/his specific country.   Of course, when in doubt, you should consult your local post office as well.

Q. Will I be responsible for duties or fees on the package I receive from my partner?
A. YES. The receiver is responsible for all fees at the time of delivery. Please consult your local post office for details. We are not able to give advice on postage duties or fees on any other situation other then the tips and info included in this post.

We don’t pretend to be experts when it comes to customs regulations for over 30+ countries each round…and we’re not about to start…but here are some things you should consider before posting your parcel:

  • it’s ALWAYS better to ask your partner if there is anything you are not allowed to send to their country, that way your package doesn’t get sent to “Customs jail” or even worse…CONFISCATED. #thehorror
    • Example: raw and/or unprocessed fibre cannot be shipped to Australia
  • When marking your custom’s form as “GIFT”, the value you claim is very important. Many countries allow gifts to enter duty-free if the value of the gift is less than a certain amount. If the value of your package exceeds that countries thresholdthe receiver will be responsible for additional fees before they can retrieve their package.
    • Examples: 
      • UK: less than £36 GBP/$44 USD
      • Canada: less than CAD$60/$47 USD
      • India: less than 10,000 INR/$155 USD)

Still have questions?

See Our Help Guides:

  1. How FibreShare Works
  2. FAQs
  3. Example Packages

Contact Us

We (Ashley and Beth) are ALWAYS happy to help you through the FibreShare process.  Please contact us anytime and we will do our best to help you!

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