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Maggie Howe | Spinner + Dyer of “Girl With a Sword”

February 15, 2017

Today’s Featured Maker is Maggie of “Girl With a Sword!”  If you’re not yet familiar with her work, get ready to follow her spinning and dyeing adventures.  Her Instagram feed is a whirlwind of texture and color, with a focus on natural dyes + local fibers (which we adore!).  See her story below, and please visit her Etsy shop for more. She has even created a COUPON for us for 25% OFF using the code: FIBRESHARE.  Woohoo!!  Thanks, Maggie!

PS: We feel that Girl With a Sword yarns are especially fabulous for weaving projects, so *wink wink* to all you weaver birds out there… we totally give you permission to splurge!

maggie from girl with a sword - fiber artist

Girl With A Sword Productions began ten years ago with a pair of knitting needles and a box of gifted handspun yarn. One foray into knitting with handspun and I was HOOKED. But my budget did not allow me to buy all the handspun I want – and I have a lot of farm friends with fiber animals – so I bought a drop spindle and learned to spin. Months later I got my first Babe wheel, and everything skyrocketed from there! More wheels. More fiber. MORE YARN!

naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword maggie howe

In my “real” life I co-own an herb shop so the transition to playing with natural dyes was a natural one. I happily create with undyed fibers, naturally dyed fibers, and synthetically dyed fibers, depending on the season and on my whim.

naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword madder

Supporting local fiber farmers is very important to me, so I source almost all of my fiber locally. I don’t enjoy the carding process, but I *do* enjoy texture, so I love fibers and fleeces that I can lockspin.

naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword

Some years later my boyfriend decided he loved watching me spin, so he learned to spin himself. He makes beautiful fine even yarns that are a fabulous counterpoint to my wild and crazy textures and colors. We are a good team. 🙂

naturally dyed handspun yarn girl with a sword maggie

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