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Monday Makers | Beth Meyer of Ugly Hank

April 20, 2015


Beth E Meyer of Ugly Hank

We are excited to introduce to you Beth Meyer: owner/operator of “Ugly Hank” for this week’s installment of Monday Makers!

Hi guys, I’m Beth: the artist behind Ugly Hank.  My business is all about handspun art yarns, funky weavings, knits, & anything else I make that somehow relates to wool.  My main focus is art yarn though, & I love to celebrate impossibly bright colors & ridiculous textures.

My whole life I’ve been obsessively making things without any clear path or plan.  I learned to knit when I was 16 and the fiber obsession has grown exponentially from there.  Although I would sometimes sell my knits, I never felt like “crazy wool lady” could evolve into a real job.  It took time to convince myself!
My biggest dilemma was that I didn’t care to be an expert on traditional techniques.  So I called my business “Ugly Hank.”  I am in never in a million years planning to create something perfect or flawless.  I just like to make stuff.  And I like to take art with a grain of salt.  So “Ugly Hank: Beautifully Imperfect Art Yarn” seemed a perfect title.  Plus it’s funny so I ran with it!
I split my creative energy between 2 businesses.  My other business is Dottie Dog.  It’s all about whimsical animal art & custom pet portraits.   I honestly just launched it because I am hopelessly obsessed with my dog Dorothy (Dottie for short). I love to draw her & thought it would be fun to draw other dogs.  But over the past year it has blossomed into a really solid entity! It makes me happy to stare at charming dogs all day, so I keep doing it, and it keeps growing.  I’m extremely grateful for that.
I love having 2 businesses because each morning I wake up and decide what I feel like creating.  They counterbalance each other and keep me feeling motivated, fresh & filled with ideas. My favorite element of both businesses is that I get to essentially collaborate with everyone. The custom portrait process allows me to work directly with the customer so it’s a new adventure each time.  And when I spin yarn, that yarn travels off into the world and is knitted or crocheted or woven by some other amazing artist.  There are so many opportunities for other people to help bring the process full circle.  It’s exciting!

Okay less official stuff!  Here’s stuff about me as a human:

-I’m pretty introverted and spend a lot of time with my family or a few close friends.

-I am a chronic furniture rearranger.  Watch out or I might move yours unexpectedly.

-I’m hopelessly in love with my dog, Dorothy.  She’s a corgi mix. I adopted her 4 years ago.  Dorothy is fluent in Wookiee, loves to watch Wallace & Grommit, and is very, very stubborn.  Her biggest vice is pumpkin bread and her signature move is to zoom as fast as possible into the couch at the quietest of moments.

-My husband Jacob is my best friend and biggest supporter.  I couldn’t have accomplished any of these business endeavors without him.  We were close friends as kids and fell in love in college.  He’s my kindred spirit.

-I make a mean Veggie Lasagna.

-I admit it. I was an art school dropout kid.

-I have tattoos and long hair that I almost always wear on top of my head in a ridiculous bun.

-I used to be a preschool teacher and love creating with kids.

-I am a Taurus and it suits me perfectly.  I am extremely stubborn and down to earth and once I set my mind to do something, I charge at it with everything I’ve got.

-I love vintage textile patterns, but I don’t know how to sew and have epically failed when I tried.  So I just scheme tattoos out of the patterns instead.

-I hope to someday have a hobby flock of sheep!

-I’m endlessly grateful for the Instagram community. The overwhelming positivity and general good vibes keep me motivated and inspired. You guys rock!


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