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Monday Makers | Corinna + Daniel of Knit Affair

September 21, 2015

We are taking a mini-break from all the partner-matching going on over here to introduce you to yet another fabulous Monday Maker! Meet Corinna and Daniel of Knit Affair (@knitaffair)! Based in Berlin/Germany Knit Affair specializes in contemporary knitting tools using sustainable materials and techniques, and we think EVERY knitter needs to check them out!


Knit Affair Team - Monday Makers

Hi, we’re Corinna and Daniel from Berlin and we’re the couple behind knit affair. The idea for the knit affair knitting tools was born out of the search for a beautiful gift for a yarn-addicted friend. We were looking for something unique with a modern and minimalistic design, and since our friend always raved about her latest tools we wanted to find her some that were really special and that she would be proud of showing around. We looked everywhere we could think of but couldn’t find anything and so decided to make some needles ourselves.

tapestry needle - knit affiar

After our friends really loved the result we showed them to the local yarn stores in Berlin and they too really liked them. Since manufacturing the needles in larger numbers was nothing we could do in our basement we decided to have them made by professional suppliers. Finding the right people to make these tools actually turned out to be quite difficult. The production of knitting needles has mostly moved to China and India a long time ago. So the art of making these tools has been largely forgotten by the average woodworker or artist here in Germany. We got lucky however in finding partners that share our idea of a sustainable production and were keen on learning the old craft anew while adding the new colorful twist. As we just couldn’t stop coming up with more ideas we have since extended the range and added more colorful tools and accessories.

knit affair design needles

The name knit affair itself came about, because knitting is a very personal journey and every project is unique. You create something special for yourself or for someone you love. It can be easy or it can be challenging but it always involves feelings, and this is what we wanted to express through the name knit affair.

We often get the question whether we knit ourselves. Although we both grew up in knitted clothes made by our mothers or grandmothers we only started our own knit affair when we got inspired by the colorful knitting needles. We would still consider ourselves novice knitters given all the amazing and difficult projects that come out of the knitting community. But we’re evermore curious to try out new projects. Last winter our favorites were little baby scarfs and leg warmers for our little daughter, so let’s see what this winter brings. We really love the fiber share idea of bringing the community together and we’re very glad to be part of it. Hope this will go a long way!


Visit Knit Affair here:

Knit Affair Website

Knit Affair on Instagram

*All images sourced from Knit Affair!  Thank you Knit Affair for being our guest today!

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