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Monday Makers | Jamie Lynn of Honey Silks Co

July 13, 2015

Jamie Lynn - Honey Silks Co

Good Morning/Good Evening Fiber friends near and far! It’s time for another installment of Monday Makers and boy do we have some eye-candy for you today. Meet Jaime Lynn from Honey Silks Co! Read below for what she had to say about creating and “the thrill of the hunt”!

Hi! I’m Jaime Lynn, the heart and soul behind Honey Silks. I have always been inspired by, and drawn from, my surroundings. There is texture, color and movement all around us, and I love how it is always changing. I think this is what drew me to originally becoming a hair stylist. Every client was a new project to create texture, depth, movement, and Beauty. As much as I enjoyed the work and my amazing clients, with two little ones at home, I wanted something that would give me the freedom to be home with them.

I accidentally stumbled upon the newborn photography prop world after starting an Etsy shop specializing in handmade hats and headbands for babies and young children. With that, MyNewLove was born in 2010. It was totally a perfect, unexpected fit because I have always been obsessed with photography, and making people see the beauty in even the small things. And I was still doing what I love – creating, and being inspired by everything around me. A hike through the woods with my kids would inspire a new mossy headband. A trip to the beach would inspire a newborn rustic hammock prop. I also experimented with all types of materials – bamboo, merino and angora, to name a few. I then started playing with raw materials, dying it to match my vision and incorporating it with my other materials to create depth, movement, and an organic, natural texture that cannot be replicated synthetically.

Over the last couple of years, it was the thrill of the hunt that become my favorite part of the process. The hunt for new materials, new colors, new textures – for the perfect materials. I loved starting with raw materials and hand dying them. Taking the color palettes surrounding me, and holding them in my hands. This was the seed that has grown into Honey Silks.

Silk is an obsession of mine. I love it. In all of its forms but silk ribbon is my favorite.Texture, dimension, movement and that it is always changing and never the same. It is just naturally … yummy. I also love that it is a recycled material. A material that has created Fair Trade jobs for women to be able to provide for their families. I take that and turn it into something unique that everyone can use for anything.Wrap it around bridal bouquets, knit a scarf, make a bracelet, create gift packaging that is uniquely you. My creations are technically a material, but I feel like I am creating a product with endless possibilities!


To see Jamie’s elegant selection of silks, stop by her shop and also her Instagram feed:

Honey Silks Co on Etsy

Honey Silks Co on Instagram

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