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Monday Makers | Megan and Cass of String Harvest

April 13, 2015


Cass and Megs of String Harvest

For today’s round of Monday Makers we bring to you Megan and Cass of String Harvest!

1. We started String Harvest in November last year as a way of showcasing all the other interesting, natural fibres you can use in craft and making, that you won’t find in your mainstream supermarket-size craft store- that it’s OK to go beyond regular yarn! We also wanted to do fair trade and support artisans in the developing world as part of this.

2. We live in different states but the good thing with an online store is that we can do that! Megan lives on an off-the-grid farm and you can follow her journey in self sufficient farming over at @combaninglarder !

3. We both really (re)started our creative journeys after we had babies. I think that’s the case for a lot of us makers out there! I love experimenting with crochet, basket making and weaving, and Megan is a knitter who is dabbling in macrame.

To see more about String Harvest, you can visit them here:

String Harvest Website
String Harvest Facebook
String Harvest Instagram

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