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Monday Makers | Melissa Stajda of Hey Lady Hey

May 4, 2015


Melissa Stajda of Hey Lady Hey

We’re so excited to introduce you to Melissa of Hey Lady Hey! Check out her gorgeous feed + website, and read on for some inspiration!

I’m Melissa Stajda the knitter, designer, and fiber artist behind Hey Lady Hey. I’m pretty new to the fiber arts world, I only started knitting, spinning, and dyeing about 18 months ago. I’m the perfect example of someone who just went for it and never looked back. I took up knitting first, as a way to cope with General Anxiety Disorder. Then I attended fiber festivals and fell in love with the idea of making handspun yarn, then wanted to process and dye my own fiber. It’s now at the point that I’m planning to start a sheep farm in the next couple years! I’ve realized that what started as a hobby, is now an important part of who I am. My hands need to create, my mind feeds off of the meditative nature, my heart grows because of the generosity and support of my fiber community. I simply can’t remember my life before fiber arts! I often read comments from my Instagram followers saying “I wish I could do that!” and I keep telling everyone “You can!”. Whatever your creative pursuits, don’t wait, just start. Happy creating! Melissa


You can see more about Hey Lady Hey here:

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