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Monday Makers | Rainie Williams of The Unusual Pear

May 4, 2015

Rainie Williams of The Unusual Pear

Today we’re excited to introduce Rainie of The Usual Pear!  Here’s a bit about her process as a maker and businesswoman:

1. I’ve always been a crafter. For many years I made beaded jewellery and origami wall hangings, which were displayed and sold in various art galleries in Newcastle. After completing an Interior Decoration course and dabbling in a bit of furniture restoration, I fell pregnant with my baby Poppy and signed up for a weaving workshop. I caught the weaverfever basically, fell in love with Maryanne Moodie and haven’t stopped weaving since!

2. I’m absolutely head over heels for weaving, I find the weaving process so therapeutic and relaxing. I got to a point where I had made more weavings than would fit on my walls so I sold them all to family and friends which gave me the confidence to open up an Etsy store! Initially I was using cheap acrylic yarn although after stepping back and taking a good look at the materials I was using, I shifted my focus and started buying hand dyed, hand spun and mostly wool yarns. There’s something about using materials that someone has handcrafted that makes it so special and I just love supporting small businesses!

4. I joined Instagram as The Unusual Pear in December last year and have made some really beautiful friendships with so many other weavers and makers out there, we all share a similar passion but need not be in competition with each other – we’ve got to feed each other with compliments, tips, tricks and just inspire each other!

5. I really wanted to share this craft that has made me so happy with the rest of the world and wanted to create a range of affordable, easy to use weaving looms and it makes me so, so happy to see people weaving away on them! Running workshops has been a great experience for me and I think it’s so cool to be able to teach other keen crafters a new skill. I love participating in workshops myself, the more crafts I can get under my belt the better! I’d love to learn spinning, dying, crochet, knitting and basket weaving!


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