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Monday Makers | Amanda French of Serene Fiber Arts

April 6, 2015


Amanda French Serene Fiber Arts

It’s time for Monday Makers again!  Here are some fun facts about the lady who hosted our first giveaway: Amanda from Serene Fiber Arts.  We love all the personal details she shared with us!  What a sweet and talented lady!


1. My name’s Amanda and I run serenefiberarts.com, a small hand-dyed and handspun yarn shop. I just recently celebrated my one year anniversary selling my yarn and cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by!

2. I learned to crochet when I was 8, and started knitting a couple of years ago (but it didn’t really stick until after I started making my own yarn). I picked up spinning and dyeing wool in 2013, but didn’t get serious about it until March 2014 when I realized I was creating more yarn than I could ever use, so I decided to start listing my extra skeins on Etsy. I was already selling my crochet items on Etsy at that time so Etsy wasn’t new to me. I never would have thought I’d one day be selling my yarn full-time, but here I am today!

3. I majored in Graphic Design in college, and worked in a marketing office for a while before realizing that the whole corporate thing just wasn’t my cup of tea (mmm, tea!). I’d probably consider going back to the graphics field if I found a good spot in print production, or book editing as layout and text are my favorite parts of graphic design.

4. Ever since I entered the world of Etsy and this community of makers, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with all things handmade. I’m now at the point where I buy almost everything handmade that I reasonably can, and love supporting local and small businesses.

5. I also do a bit of weaving. I bought myself a simple tapestry loom for my birthday in August last year and totally fell in love with the meditative process of weaving. I still consider myself somewhat of a newbie since I never traditionally learned the technical ways to do things, and just weave with my own freeform style. No rules for me with weaving, I like to just play around and use weaving as a creative outlet to contrast from the more technical measurements and such you need to keep track of with knitting/crochet/dyeing.

6. I’m a total nerd for all things Tolkien and Harry Potter. #notashamed

7. I’m caffeine sensitive, and unfortunately as much as I LOVE coffee, I have to stick to herbal teas (or the occasional decaf, but decaf just tastes like water to me) I’ve come to love herbal teas though and should probably be on that Hoarders show for the amount of tea I have stashed in my kitchen.

8. I totally dream of one day having my own little sheep farm, though whether it could ever reasonably come to pass I’m not sure (but I’ll keep dreaming anyway) I’ve lived in Kentucky my whole life and love it here. I’d love to one day move out to a more rural area so I can see more of the beautiful nature we have here (I’m from the city) Hopefully one day my yarn shop will support me enough so that my fiance and I can do this.

9. I’d love to one day be at a point where I’ve learned enough about my crafts that I could teach about them, either in local yarns shops or in video form/online. I also dream of one day writing a book to share everything I’ve learned about the fiber field. I’ll let my knowledge accumulate for a while though since I’m still pretty young and have a long way to go. It’s a journey, not a destination.

10. Yarn keeps me sane. Seriously. It’s why I named my yarn biz “Serene Fiber Arts.”


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