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Monster Stash | 13 Hand Dyed Halloween Yarns

September 22, 2015

With September coming to a close, and Halloween just around the bend, I can’t help but scheme about spooky fiber projects! Here’s a roundup of some yummy Halloween yarns – catch one while you can!  They’re going fast!

Written by Beth Meyer: Owner of Ugly Hank + Co-Host of FibreShare

*All photos were taken by the makers who sell these products.  Please visit their websites to see more ridiculously tempting items!

Moster Mash: Yarn Ink Studio

1.  “Monster Mash” by Yarn Ink Studio: Hand dyed with care, these OOAK skeins are just aching to be crocheted into a spooky scarf!  They’re listed as “ready to ship,” so I bet you could have these on + off your hook in time for Halloween!

Shop: Yarn Ink Studio

Instagram: @yarnink

Fortune Teller - Havirland

2.  “Fortune Teller” by Havirland: This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Havirland… (Remember their excellent “Who You Gonna Call” colorway? – Genius.)  …but they’ve managed to capture my heart once again with this Halloween gem!  I wanted this yarn on my knitting needles like.. yesterday.

Shop: Havirland

Instagram: @havirland

handspun art yarn hogg wild fibers

3.  Handspun Mini by Hogg Wild Fibers: This bulky halloween yarn is calling to me!  I really want to see this in a weaving…  Or as a ginormous pom pom!  Someone please buy this and show me a picture of what you make.

Shop: Hogg Wild Fibers

Instagram: @hoggwildfibers

handspun art yarn - weird and twisted
4.  “Frankenstein’s Lab” by Weird and Twisted: You guys.  Not only is this handspun yarn amazing… the little clay heads are made by hand!!!  AND… wait for it… it glows in the dark!!!  There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express my feelings about this yarn.  Go buy it.  Or I will.

Shop: Weird and Twisted

Instagram: n/a

Hand Dyed Yarn - Pumpkin Spice Latte - Gnome Acres
5.  “Pumpkin Spice Latte” by Gnome Acres: I’m always a sucker for tweeds. And pumpkin spice lattes… well… I don’t have to explain that obsession, right?!  This beautiful hand dyed yarn is absolutely on my wish list, along with a few of their other fall colorways!

Shop: Gnome Acres

Instagram: Gnome Acres

the walkers - spun right round - hand dyed yarn

6.  “The Walkers” by Spun Right Round: You know what’s ridiculous?  When I was curating this roundup, I purposely tried not to include Spun Right Round.  I thought, “Beth, you feature Spun Right Round every time you write anything.  Choose a different shop for crying out loud!!!” …But then I saw this yarn: “The Walkers.”  …and all bets were off.  This yarn is calling to me like there’s no tomorrow.  …It may or may not have something to do with my current “Walking Dead” Netflix binge… Regardless, this yarn needs to be on my knitting needles.  And yours.  Today. Big love for Spun Right Round right now.

Shop: Spun Right Round

Instagram: @spunrightround

Brimstone - Hand Dyed Yarn by Lambstrings Yarn

7.  “Brimstone” by LambStrings Yarn: This yarn screams fire and brimstone – the colors are so vivid! It makes me wish I could time travel to when my little brother was about 10, then use this yarn to knit him some amazing Mordor-inspired socks.  …although I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from doing it now!  21-year-old little brothers still like Morder, right?

Shop: LambStrings Yarn

Instagram: @lambstringsyarn

hand dyed yarn - fox and flower yarn

8.  “Danse Macabre” by Fox and Flower Yarn: This skein grabbed my attention immediately because its colors are just stunning!  But after reading the name, I knew it was true love.  This might be showing my nerdy side a bit too much, but for some reason that song always makes me think fondly of my days in marching band.  #notashamed

Shop: Fox and Flower Yarn

Instagram: @foxandfloweryarn

Hand Dyed Halloween Yarn - Peepaloo Fields

9.  “The Cauldron Halloween Kit” by Peepaloo Fields: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Peepaloo Fields has some slammin’ colorways.  And their Halloween Kits are packed with all kinds of goodies!  Each kit includes a skein of hand dyed yarn, a hand sewn project bag, and handmade RIP stitch markers.  Tempting much?  Yep I thought so, too.

Shop: Peepaloo Fields

Instagram: @peepaloofields

hand dyed sock yarn - kinfolk yarn and fibre

10.  “Season of the Witch” by Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre: I’m crushing pretty hard on this deep purple colorway.  Perfect for anytime of year, but especially perfect for Autumn!  This would look amazing with some fancy crochet stitches.

Shop: Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre

Instagram: @kinfolkyarn

hand dyed yarn by the copper corgi

11.  “Carolina Fiber Ghouls” by The Copper Corgi: This yarn is gorgeous, and as a fellow Corgi lover, I’m 100% hooked.  #nuffsaid

Shop: The Copper Corgi

Instagram: @coppercorgi

hand spun halloween yarn by boho chic fiber co

12.   “Hocus Pocus” by Boho Chic Fiber Co: As a spinner, it’s hard to resist good hand spun yarn, and this Halloween mini set is calling to me!  With a total of 210 yards, you could knit up a great hat or cowl with these babes.  Or of course they’d look amazing in a weaving project!

Shop: Boho Chic Fiber Co

Instagram: @bohochicfiberco

Hand dyed halloween yarn - knitty and color

13.  “Halloween Mini Skein Set” by Knitty and Color: I love a good surprise package, and with these mini skein sets, you get a mix of 5 hand dyed, halloween colorways shown in the photo!  Oh the spooky, stripy possibilities.  Is it weird that I kind of want to knit a cape with these?  I guess I’d need a lot of skein sets… Someone hide my wallet please.

Shop: Knitty and Color

Instagram: @knittyandcolor

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