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Not Yo’ Mama’s Yarn Stash | 8 Hilarious Hand Dyed Fibers

July 24, 2015

There’s nothing I like better than a snarky yarn title, so here’s a ridiculous roundup of awesome makers who will literally have you laughing out loud!

Written by Beth Meyer: Owner of Ugly Hank + Co-Host of FibreShare

*All photos were taken by the makers who sell these products.  Please visit their websites to see more ridiculously tempting items!


Hand Dyed Yarn by Lemonade Shop

1.  “Mega Stuffed Toxic Oreo” by The Lemonade Shop: Heather Rhoads has a keen eye for color, and her playful titles always bring me a huge smile.  The “toxic oreo” colorway is a particular favorite, but I’m also partial to: “Hippo Disco,” and “Flashdance.”

(Insta: @the_lemonade_shop)


Hand Dyed Yarn by Spun Right Round

2.  “Mean Eyed Cat” by Spun Right Round: Yep – she nailed it!  Mean eyed cat says it all haha!  If you’re been following us even for a short wile, you must know by now that we’re a little bit obsessed with Spun Right Round.  We even featured her as a Monday Maker this spring.  The lady behind the magic, Renee Hahnel, is a super talented fiber artist but apparently she is also insanely clever.  Some other brilliant titles I stumbled upon were: “Robots in the Freezer,” “Chopped Lobster,” “Phosphorous Pixie,” and “Escape From Prism.”

(Insta: @spunrightround)


Hand Spun Yarn by The Sheepish Grin


3.  “Disco Pants” by The Sheepish Grin: Jessane Seely is an awesome hand spinner, and her yarn titles are spot on.  She describes the story of this particular yarn, saying:

“Back (way back) when I lived in AZ, I worked in a vintage clothing and thrift store. It was on 4th Avenue, the trendy and artsy downtown area. The colors in the shop were always wild! I got a real feel for the 60s and 70s while I worked there that will forever be burned into my retinas.”

Haha… I love it.  Don’t stop at Disco Pants, though!  Swing by Jessane’s Etsy shop to see lots of funky titles, like “Pastel Splat” and “Unicorn Farts!”

(Insta: @jessannes)


Hand Dyed Yarn by Havirland

4.  “Who You Gonna Call?” by Havirland: Need I say more?  Obviously the spooky nerd in you wants you to buy this immediately.  Personally, I think it’d be a killer yarn to use as a knitting project for my fella… It’s a tough call though, because I’m also very amused/tempted by: “Spottie Hottie” (apparently named after a perfectly ripe banana LOL), “The Ramones After Dark,” and “I Need More Yellow in My Sock Drawer.”

(Insta: @havirland)

Hand Dyed Roving by Countess Ablaze

5.  “Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker” by Countess Ablaze: When we featured Lyndsey as a Monday Maker recently, I immediately fell in love with her titles.  Each one is totally unique and often celebrates things that are whimsically nerdy, which I adore!  This one caught my fancy right away, but I’m seriously fascinated by her “Odyssey Trail” series.  Each month she releases custom colorways inspired by the tale of Odysseus’s journey.  You can follow along reading The Odyssey on a set schedule throughout the year, and spin your way thought the book!  How freaking cool is that?!  The “Odyssey Trail” products have super exciting titles such as: “But Are You Mortal Or Goddess?” and “Handsome Treasures from the Plunder of Troy.”

(Insta: @countessablaze)




Hand Dyed by Oliver of Bitter Buffalo Fibers

6.  “Super Hero Space Cat” by Bitter Buffalo Fibers: Get ready to tear up a bit, because this roving has a special story.  The talented little guy who helped dye it is named Oliver, and here’s what his Mom says in their Etsy description of “Super Hero Space Cat:”

Super Hero Space Cat started as practical science experiments with my preschool-age son. He’d pick out Kool Aid colors at the store, we’d dye the fiber together, and I would spin it & knit it into garments for him. I shared a picture of him proudly holding his first solo braid and the response was overwhelming. I asked him what he thought about selling some of the fiber he dyes (because I can only spin so much and it really is gorgeous stuff!) and he was pretty enthused about the idea! Most of the profits from this fiber go directly to his college savings account and the rest goes toward whatever he wants it to, which is usually Legos.

I’m willing to bet that Oliver also came up with the charming title for this colorway!  As a former Preschool teacher, this really tugged at my heart.  I love love love it!

(Insta: @bitter.buffalo)


Hand Dyed Yarn by Peepaloo Fields

7.  “Eat Your Vegetables” by Peepaloo Fields: I love the quirky titles by Shari of Peepaloo Fields, but what really caught my attention is that each yarn has a mini story.  It’s a totally unique way to describe colorways, and I dig it!  Swing by the Peepaloo Fields Etsy shop to read anecdotes about yarns like: “Hot Pants” and “Roller Rink.

(Insta: @peepaloofields)


Hand Dyed by Dyed In The Wool Co


8.  “Zombie Farts” by Dyed in the Wool Yarn Co:  I totally saved this for last, because you always save the best for last, plus how can I not include this yarn!?  Somehow, the colors actually fit the title “Zombie Farts,” and yet, it’s not grossing me out… I want to buy it!  And knit it!  While watching zombie movies!  Although it’d be tough to escape the Dyed in the Wool Yarn Co Shop with only one colorway… because the 5-year-old in me is laughing so hard at: “Slug Slime” and “Pixie Puke.”  For real, this shop has a ton of perfect yarn options for those times when you just need to knit something ridiculous for your little brother.

(Insta: @dyedinthewoolyarnco)

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