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What We’re Reading Now: “Plants are Magic”

August 16, 2017

Hi Fibre-Friends! Beth here: Co-Host of FibreShare. I recently read the new magazine “Plants are Magic” and want to recommend it to our #fibresharetribe. Not only is it gorgeous (I’ve been displaying it on the piano), it’s a breath of fresh air in my ultra-niche world of yarn-yarn-yarn.

I’m already a big fan of the publisher: Rebecca Desnos. (In fact, we featured her book last year.) She’s probably the most talented natural dyer I know right now. And to put things in perspective, she works exclusively with vegan fibers, which I know from experience are singularly difficult to dye. So naturally, when her magazine launched earlier this year I jumped on it.

Plants are Magic - FibreShare Blog

My first impressions? The pictures are exquisite. That just needs to be stated. But the content itself is also quite beautiful and evokes an air of calm that’s atypical of magazines. In Volume One you’ll find herbal recipes, thoughts about color, stories about gardens, and interviews with floral artisans.

One of my favorite pages was a recipe for lavender tea. As a fiber artist, I have heaps of lavender sachets stashed around my house. And we successfully grew lavender (to my surprise) in our yard this year, so this recipe is right up my alley. On a related note, I really enjoyed reading recipes about making muscle relaxing oil. I’m a new mom, and breastfeeding has taken its toll on my neck and shoulders, so I’m keen to brew up a batch soon!

Plants are Magic - FibreShare Blog

Now, I have a confession. I’m not a nature person. I was not sure this magazine would be a good fit for me. I absolutely adore natural dyeing in my kitchen, but I’m not the type of gal to actually rough it and forage my own dye stuff. Do I wish I were that type of girl? Hell yeah, I do. But that’s a dream which has never come to fruition. For now, I’m delighted to live and dye vicariously though Desnos’ plant prowess.

Final feelings about this publication? It’s got something for everyone, and it’s beautiful. Reading “Plants are Magic” fulfilled the secret part of me that wishes to be a nature girl, all from the comfort of my air conditioned couch. I’m definitely planning to try some of the recipes asap, and I look forward to watching Desnos’ new project blossom in issue #2, coming this September!

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