Here is a bit more information about FibreShare and what it means to be an active participant:

FibreShare is at its very basic, an international yarn swap. Every few months we open sign-ups for fiber-lovers to become an active participant in our next share. Once sign-ups have closed we will get to work matching you up with two partners: One you will be sending a share-package to, and another who will be sending your share-package to YOU.

Once you’ve received your partner info, the real fun begins and you can introduce yourself on Instagram, learn about your partner’s aesthetic, and start curating your share-package for your partner. We like to keep things simple and fun so we don’t have many rules, but the ones we have are SUPER important!

1.      Active participants are required to send a minimum of 200g of fiber to their partner. Feel free to send as much as your generous heart desires…just be sure to include at least 200g. There are no spending requirements (yarn/fiber can even come from your own stash), but we do encourage participants to try and include something they believe their partner will enjoy receiving and creating with.

2.      Send your share-package before the deadline for that particular share. Neglecting to post by this deadline can delay delivery beyond the organized timeline and possibly prevent you from participating in future shares.

Be sure to browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. If you have additional questions about our process that may not have been clear, please be sure to get in touch so we can continue to improve and update our policies.

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