FibreShare is at its very basic, an international yarn swap. Three times a year, we open sign-ups for fiber-lovers to join in a round of sharing. To learn more about the sharing process, please read: How FibreShare Works.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch so we can advise, and so we can continue to improve and update our policies.

Here are our rules and requirements for our active participants:


We like to keep things simple and fun so we don’t have many rules, but the ones we have are SUPER important:

  • You are required to have a valid, active, Instagram username.
  • You are required to send at least 200 grams of yarn and/or fiber.
  • We ask that you limit your package’s value to $100, not including shipping. (This is just a guideline to keep FibreShare approachable, so don’t stress over the numbers too much!)
  • You are required to ask your partner for their address and send them a package by the predetermined shipping deadline.  (We communicate these deadlines multiple times on multiple platforms, so don’t worry: we’ll keep you in-the-know.)
  • You are required to be kind and courteous to both your partners, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, sexual orientation or any other social or personal characteristics.
    • To be clear: we will not tolerate hate speech or inappropriate behavior towards marginalized groups. We will do everything in our power to ensure this space is safe for ALL of our participants, and will not hesitate to ban offenders from participating if we need to.


  • Before signing up, check the dates and deadlines on our homepage to ensure you can fully devote yourself to the fun.
  • WILL YOU BE MOVING DURING ANY OF THESE DATES? If so, we highly recommend sitting out this round. But we FULLY expect you to come back and sign up for the next round of sharing, once you’re settled at your new address!


In addition to sending a FibreShare package, we expect you to:

  • Make contact with both of your partners. No, you don’t have to chat on the phone or send letters or whatever people are doing these days…but a simple “Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m your FibreShare partner!” through DM, email, or even a comment on a photo will suffice. Please do not sign up if responding to emails, direct messages, or follow requests will be/is difficult for you.
  • Be gracious and understanding. Please be patient if you have difficulties making contact with your partner(s). We are all different in our styles of communication and have different amounts of free-time available to chat. Any and all concerns regarding an unresponsive partner should be directed to the FibreShare team via email.
  • Say “Thank You.” Doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple email or comment on Instagram letting them know their package arrived safely will do. Although we LOVE seeing you gush over your goodies on Instagram (with the hashtag #fibreshare) so everyone can see!
  • No, you won’t always make a new best friend . Not every partner-match is perfect, but try to make the most of it anyway! There will be other swaps and many, many other Fiber-friends to meet!


  • 200 grams minimum: Feel free to send as much as your generous heart desires …just be sure to include the required minimum of 200 grams of yarn and/or fiber. (Note: Any “extra goodies” you decide to send will be above and beyond that 200 grams.)
  • No spending requirements: Yarn/fiber can even come from your own stash. BUT we do encourage participants to send something they believe their partner will enjoy receiving and creating with, even if that means you have to spend a little $$ to make it happen. 
  • Focus on giving, not receiving: If you’re feeling super generous, that’s great, but do not send a $100 package and expect to receive a $100 package in return. The beauty of FibreShare is in the giving, not receiving, so if you’re signing up to be spoiled – how about just skip FibreShare all together and treat yo’self instead? #wesupportyou

Please note: FibreShare is not an excuse to destash dirty, tangled, infested, smelly, or rotted yarn and/or fiber. If it’s not acceptable for your stash, it’s not acceptable for anyone else’s.


  • Sign Up Fee: Did you know there is a fee to participate in FibreShare? It’s small ($8 USD), but we need it to cover the cost of replacement packages, to pay for our time spent organizing and maintaining FibreShare, and to ensure that all participants are truly invested in curating an awesome FibreShare package.
  • Curating a Package: Be prepared to purchase some treasures for your partner’s package if there’s nothing they’d like from your own stash.
  • Shipping your package: Be prepared to purchase packaging materials like gift wrap and a large padded envelope.  You’ll also need to ship your physical package, which can get pricey. See more tips on packaging and shipping here.
  • Potential unexpected costs:

Shipping preference: Sure, when you sign up, you can try to save money by selecting “Domestic” (instead of “International”) as your shipping preference. But we’re not always able to accommodate this request. When considering if you can afford FibreShare, please budget for the price of shipping an international package – that way the funds will already be accounted for.

Duties and Fees: Are you living in any other country than the United States? You might have to pay duties and fees when you receive your package.  Any and all customs fees charged at the time of delivery (for the package you receive) are YOUR responsibility. You are welcome to advise your partner on how to avoid those fees per your country’s guidelines, but at the end of the day, if there are fees you’ll have to pay them.


  • Not all partner-matches are perfect. Matches are subject to the number of sign-ups we receive. While the chances are slim and we will do everything in our power to prevent it, you could be matched up with someone who practices a different craft or has a different fibre philosophy.
  • Any and all concerns regarding your partner(s) and/or the package you receive should be directed first to the FibreShare team via email at hello@fibreshare.org out of respect for your partner and their privacy. Thank you for your understanding!
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