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Self-Care with FibreShare: Body Positivity

January 10, 2019

Hi sweet Fibre-Friends!

Beth here! If you’ve been following FibreShare for a bit, you may have noticed that Ashley and I (the FibreShare gals) are very passionate about self-care and crafting with intention. In fact, our own personal blogs (Swift and Bloom and Loom Denim) revolve around these very topics! And in 2019, we really want to share more of our personal passions with the FibreShare community.

SO, let’s try a little game!

Every few months, we’ll announce a crafty prompt that focuses on self-care. And we’d love for YOU to participate and share a picture with us. We’ll share some of our favorites on Instagram, but the best part is, you’ll be able to use the hashtag #selfcarewithfibreshare to connect with likeminded fibre-friends!

Our hope is that this project will continue to nourish our fibre community by fostering connections beyond the screen. If we all prioritize self-care together, maybe 2019 will be just a little bit lighter and brighter!

We’ll share the first prompt and all the deets you need below.

Beth and Ashley

self care with fibreshare body positivity

First up on our self-care agenda for 2019 is “being comfortable in our own skin.” January is a time of resolutions, fad diets, lifestyle revamps… but honestly, don’t you think it’s silly to put that pressure on ourselves? January is a time when we’re all burnt out from the holidays and staring a the blank slate of a new year. It should feel like a fresh start, but sometimes it just feels overwhelming. Ya feel us?

Well this year, we want to bring an attitude of pride and positivity to our crafty community. So our challenge is:

Make something for yourself that celebrates your body, just as it is right NOW.

Something that makes you feel confident, pretty, sexy, cozy, fancy, nerdy, WHATEVER. Just something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin!

How to share:

  1. Choose a project
  2. Share your WIP (work-in-progress) photos on Instagram with the hashtags: #fibreshare and #selfcarewithfibreshare
  3. We’ll repost some favorites on our Instagram feed, and if we have enough participants, we’d like to do a blog post roundup, too!
  4. That’s it! We want to play this by ear and take it slow. Rushing self-care is …not really self-care (LOL!), so if we only have 3 prompts a year, that’s ok! If this flops, that’s also ok! But we’re very interested to see everyone’s projects and hope you’ll join along! 😀


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