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Shop Small: 32 Gifts for Fiber Artists + Makers

November 27, 2015

Amidst the flurry of sales this Black Friday weekend, I of course want to encourage all our sweet #fibrefriends to shop small and support other makers!  And while considering all the yarn + tool options to recommend, I realized something… we already  have SO many roundups featuring tools, supplies, yarn, and technical items… Maybe it’s high time I shared a list of gift ideas that are just plain FUN.  So here it is folks, a list of gifts, both small and large, that would be fabulous for ANY type of fiber artist!

Written by Beth Meyer: Co-host of FibreShare.

*All photos were taken by the makers who sell these products.  Please visit their websites to see more loveliness/ridiculously tempting items!

Linen Apron by Not Perfect Linen

1.  Not Perfect Linen | “Short Square Cross Linen Apron”

I recently ordered an apron from these folks as a Christmas gift, and quickly regretted not getting one for myself as well! Aprons are a great gift for any maker, and are especially helpful for makers who sell their wares at markets and art fairs. A good market apron with deep pockets like these would be an awesome practical gift!

Instagram: n/a

A Beautiful Mess 2016 Planner

2.  A Beautiful Mess | “Limited Edition 2016 Planners”

Perfect for the stylish maker in your life who loves to keep organized… or maybe for those who would like to become organized… like me LOL.  Regardless, if you’re looking for a planner, this is THE planner of planners!

Instagram: @abeautifulmess

West Domestic Macrame Necklace

3.  West Domestic | “Macrame Necklace”

A beautifully crafted, cotton necklace to spruce up your comfy casual days.  …Really though, you can’t go wrong with anything made by West Domestic.  I have one of her wall hangings in my home, and it’s one of my all time favorite art pieces!

Instagram: @westdomestic

the paper gold co - custom laser engraved stamp for makers

4.  The Paper Gold Co. | “Custom Laser Engraved Stamp”

You’ll win some major brownie points if you have a custom stamp made for the solopreneur in your life.  It’s one of those things that most of us makers would love to have but just haven’t gotten to yet, and these folks do wonderful work!

Instagram: @papergoldco

Tuft Woolens Hand Balm

5.  Tuft Woolens | “Knitter’s Hand Balm”

I can speak from experience – this balm is just awesome. It comes in a wee container but stretches far, and it truly works!

Instagram: @runswithhonden

I am an artist notebook set by Lisa Congdon

6. Lisa Congdon | “I Am an Artist Notebook Set”

You can really never, ever have enough mini notebooks.  Perfect for jotting down ideas, patterns, dye recipes… the list is endless!

Instagram: @lisacongdon

The Modern Natural Dyer Book

7. A Verb For Keeping Warm | “Book: The Modern Natural Dyer”

This is the next book on my wish list.  It has glowing reviews, and the photography looks stunning!

Instagram: @avfkw

Prairie Paper Co - Custom Instagram Watercolor Painting

8. Prairie Paper Co. | “Custom Watercolor Instagram Paintings”

I adore this idea, and Prairie Paper Co does a fabulous job with renditions of weavings!  I’d say this would make a sure fire, unexpected gift for any Instagram-savvy, fiber friend.

Instagram: @prairiepaper

Hand Woven Cotton Sofa Throw

9. Cocomiahome | “Hand Woven Cotton Throw”

I love that this maker has a mission behind her shop! All proceeds from these handcrafted blankets go toward rescuing stray and mistreated animals.  How can you resist?!

Instagram: n/a

Oh Albatross - Attach Sheep - Needle Felted Sheep

10. Oh Albatross“Attack Sheep: To Guard Home, Hearth and Heart”

So this is probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen in months.  Just follow the link and read the story of these wee attack sheep.  Your heart will be smiling.

Instagram: @ohalbatross

finishing needle - knit affair

11. Knit Affair | “Needle Tube with Tapestry Needles”

If there is one thing that I always always always need… it’s tapestry needles.  I can never seem to find one when it’s finishing time!  This is a great practical gift for ANY fiber artist, and I love the mega colorful storage tubes.  I bet they’d be helpful in finding the little buggers LOL!

Instagram: @knitaffair

Small Glow - Mug - Create Hustle Repeat

12.  Small Glow | “Hustle Mug”

Oh Small Glow, you have a mug for every maker’s morning.  I love this classic phrase, but there are heaps of other inspirational gifts for artists in their Etsy shop!

Instagram: @smallglow

Fern Fiber - Organic Merino Yarn Naturally Dyed with Indigo

13. Fern Fiber | “Organic Merino Yarn: Naturally Dyed with Indigo Leaves”

Well… you didn’t really expect me to make it through a whole roundup without including yarn, did you?!  Here’s the skein that’s next on my wish list.  Fern Fiber pulls the most gorgeous colors from natural dye elements, and their yarn bases are carefully sourced, which I love!

Instagram: @fernfiber

Lucy Poskitt - Weavers Lino Cut Pring

14.  Lucy Poskitt | “Weavers: Lino Cut Print”

Lucy Poskitt is a mega talented weaver, but she also has a background in printmaking.  This piece would make a fabulous addition to any weaver’s studio space, because chances are.. the weaver in your life is probably familiar with Lucy’s work!

Instagram: @luposkitt

Custom Pet Treat Jar by Claylicious

15.  Claylicious | “Personlized Pet Treat Jar”

So you may be wondering what this item has to do with fiber art… well… in my experience, many of my fellow fiber artists work with sweet pets by their side (me included!), and so a custom + handcrafted treat jar would make a great studio gift! Plus, Claylicious makes really solid and beautiful pieces – I can say from experience that her work is awesome!

Instagram: @claylicioususa

How To Spin Art Yarn DVD by Esther Rogers Jazz Turtle

16.  Esther Rogers | “DVD: How To Spin Art Yarns”

This particular gift idea only applies to folks who spin their own yarn… but Esther Rogers is basically an art yarn goddess, so her new instructional DVD would be an exciting gift for any spinner!  I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list!

Instagram: @jazzturtle

Heather Gray Knits - Fuzzy Cactus Pincushion

17.  Heather Gray Knits | “Fuzzy Cactus Pin Cushion”

I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve had a big crush on this pin cushion for ages.  It’s so adorable!  Need I say more?

Instagram: @heathergrayknits

A Needle Runs Through It - Needle Minders

18.  A Needle Runs Through It | “Needle Minders”

Another highly practical gift – needle minders!  These would make fabulous wee stocking stuffers for any fiber artist.

Instagram: @aneedlerunsthroughit

Rebecca Daryl - Handwoven Fiber Necklace

19.  Rebecca Daryl“Hand Woven Fiber Necklace”

I discovered Rebecca Daryl’s shop recently and absolutely love her fiber jewelry!  Anything from her shop would be a hit with the stylish yarn lover in your life.

Instagram: @rebeccadarylart

custom fabric labels

20.  Ananemone | “Custom Fabric Labels on Organic Cotton”

I have these labels and they are awesome! Mine read: Handmade by Beth Meyer, and I absolutely love them. They hold up well in the wash and look fabulous sewn onto finished knitted or woven items. Highly recommend!

Instagram: n/a

Woven Key Chains by Cassie Hull Wild Plum Co

21.  Wild Plum Co | “Woven Key Chains”

Do I need to explain these?  They’re adorable, and Cassie of Wild Plum Co is such a dear!  These wee keychains are a sure fire mini gift.  Enough said.
Instagram: @wildplumco

Barruntando - Ceramic Fox Yarn Bown for Knitting Crocheting

22.  Barruntando | “Ceramic Fox Yarn Bowl”

The sweetest gift for knitters or crocheters.  This yarn bowl is a perfect balance of practical + pretty!
Instagram: @barruntando_ceramica

The Unusual Pear Circle Weaving Loom

23. The Unusual Pear | “Weaving Loom Kits”

This shop is run by one of my fellow FibreShare co-hosts, Rainie! Her shop is my #1 recommended one-stop-shop to find gifts that are truly perfect for beginning weavers OR accomplished weavers.  If you’re shopping for a maker who has expressed new interest in weaving, this is the place to start!

Instagram: @theunusualpear

Trivet by The Enamel Project

24.  The Enamel Project | Trivet

If you’re not already familiar, The Enamel Project is an awesome space in St. Louis, MO that offers workshops and promotes makers.  This hand stitched trivet available in their web shop caught my eye, and would make a lovely yet practical gift for anyone who appreciates handmade!

Instagram: @theenamelproject

Handmade Yarn Storage Bucket

25.  Jenna Rose Handmade | “Storage Bucket”

Fiber Artists tend to hoard a lot of yarn… and so we’re always in need of project containers!  I love these simple, handcrafted fabric storage buckets.  It makes a really nice standalone gift, but if you’re feeling reeeeally nice, you could fill it with some pretty yarn!

Instagram: @jenna_rose

Kelaoke - Reversible Handmade Polymer Clay and Rope Necklaces

26.  Kelaoke | “Polymer Clay + Rope Necklace”

If you’re looking for a funky, one of a kind gift, you’ve got to check out Kelaoke.  The shop is filled with totally unique fiber art – both wearable and for your walls.  I just adore this reversible necklace!

Instagram: @kelaoke

Handcrafted Redheart Jumbo Crochet Hook by BQueen Collection

27.  BQueen Collection | “Jumbo Crochet Hook”

I know I said that this list wouldn’t be craft specific… but… look at the majesty of this epic handcrafted crochet hook!!!  I don’t crochet myself, but I’m a huge fan of BQueen Collection.  This list just would not be complete without mentioning their exquisite crochet tools.  Swing by if you’re shopping for a crocheter!

Instagram: @bqueencollection

The Kaleidoshop - Gold Tassel Keychain

28. The Kaleidoshop | “Gold Tassel Keychain”

These tassel keychains would make a rad stocking stuffer for any fiber artist, because first of all, they’re adorable!  And second of all, fiber artists are a little bit obsessed with tassels… especially weavers.  If you’re shopping for a weaver, you should get one of these!  There is also some pretty awesome jewelry in this shop.  I happen to have a couple of their necklaces + earrings myself, and they’re some of my go-to pieces!

Instagram: @thekaleidoshop

alpaca that for you tote by hello harriet

29.  Hello Harriet | “Alpaca Tote Bag”

Alright, admittedly this is not the first time I’ve featured this tote… but it’s so adorable, I couldn’t resist!!  I don’t think I need to explain myself.  This is just a darn good gift.

Instagram: @helloharriet

Tolt yarn and wool sheep mug

30.  Tolt Yarn and Wool | “Sheep Mug”

This is a great little mug for anyone who loves anything to do with sheep… so really it would be perfect for any fiber artist!

Instagram: @toltyarnandwool

Purl Soho Gift Card

31.  Purl Soho | “Gift Card”

Still not sure what to choose for the fiber artist you love?  Well, here’s a sure thing: grab a gift card to Purl Soho.  You honestly can’t go wrong here!

Instagram: @purlsoho

IMG_588632.  The Best Gift: You and Your Time

I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I’ll tell you one thing that is 100% true: artists + makers will always be touched by the gift of your time.  We highly value the love + energy that is poured into the handmade process, and so we will appreciate anything that you take your time to make or do with us!  You can give the gift of time in so many ways, whether it is making a homemade gift, planning a crafty date night, or even taking a class together.  🙂

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