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What Is Included:

Detailed Partner Matching

We will match you up with two partners: One will send yarn to you. One will receive yarn from you. Our Co-Host Ashley spends heaps of time are care matching every participant by hand. She matches by shipping preference, craft preference, skill level, and fiber philosophy. There will be a place for you to privately list people you’d rather not receive as a partner, including people you’re already accustomed to sharing with.

FibreShare Package Insurance

In the unfortunate event in which your FibreShare package goes missing, we will provide you with a replacement package.

International Partner Preference

During registration, you will have the option to ship domestically or internationally. Keep in mind, this is a preference, not a guarantee.

Discounts to Rad Fiber Shops

Each round of FibreShare, we team up with tons of our past Featured Makers. After the sign-up period, we will email you a link to a special web page, filled with discount codes to their online shops! Buy something for your partner…but don’t forget to indulge in a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself!