Anatomy of a FibreShare Package

#teamknit: Package by Julia Farley

July 21, 2018

Audrey Hepburn Tote FibreShare Yarn LYS Yarns

Not to get dramatic, but… this package exemplifies everything we love about FibreShare!! Quality over quantity.  Highly thoughtful goodies.  Extra personal touches.  Local selections.  This is the stuff our FibreShare dreams are made of!

This package was sent by #teamknit participant Julia Farley (@juliamfarley). Thanks for sharing, Julia!

Here’s the deets:

Yarns Curated for a Shawl Project
Spinning Fiber and Tools
Extra Goodies
  • A couple of presents for her partner’s kids, from her workplace: the British Museum
  • A super thoughtful custom Audrey Hepburn tote!! Here’s what Julia said about it:

“I also wanted to send something unique. My partner had mentioned that she loved Audrey Hepburn. I knew I’d read that Audrey Hepburn was a knitter so I had a tote bag custom printed (by Vistaprint) with an archive image I found of her knitting away on set!”

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