Anatomy of a FibreShare Package

#teamweave: Package by Cara H.

October 23, 2019


We love the thoughtful touches woven into this FibreShare package by Cara H. (@wool_and_wood_weaves)! Every piece is filled with intention and hits close to home. Thank you Cara for sharing these details with us 🙂

The Deets:


  • A thick and thin style rope (which her partner said she has always wanted)
  • Very soft white wool with a hint of pink (from a local shop in Chichester, West Sussex)
  • A brown ball, a grey ball of wool, and lots of different textured ribbon (also from a local shop in Chichester, West Sussex)

Extra Goodies:

  • A custom family portrait and frame (hand-drawn by her friend)!
  • Fresh coffee from her family’s coffee company: Redber.
  • A pop art style iron on badge
  • A card with a picture of her town on it
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